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Best Men's Moisturizer Body Lotion

The 12 Best Body Lotions for Men: Great Smelling Moisturizing Creams

 Not only is the skin the largest organ of the human body, it is also the most neglected one. We never fully realize how much duress our skin is put under on a day to day basis, be it from hot showers, extreme temperatures or everyday pollutants, the skin is always the first to be exposed […]

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Using LED Masks and Light Therapy to Purge Your Face From Acne

Those who follow the latest beauty trends have probably heard about LED face masks, as quite a few celebrities have been promoting them recently. And no, I’m not talking about Halloween purge masks.   These sci-fi looking devices are a part of a skin treatment method known as light therapy which has been gaining ground worldwide […]

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Best deadlifting shoes

What are the Best Deadlift Shoes for Powerlifting and Bodybuilding?

The deadlift is considered to be the king of all exercises.Why? Well if you were to only do this one exercise at the gym, it will improve the strength and size of your arms, back, abs and legs. Therefore, I think its really important that you buy a good pair of shoes,  since they go […]

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Resistance Band Training

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Resistance Band Training

As beneficial as it may be, many people nowadays aren’t able to join a gym simply because they lack time, money, or both.  Luckily, there are lots of ways to get fit without having a gym membership, and I believe that resistance band workouts are one of the best alternatives. Today, I’m going to talk about resistance […]

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Best Compression Tights and Leggings – For Running and Working Out

Although running tights aren’t as significant as your running shoes, they can be very useful. It’s up to you to choose whether you are more comfortable running in shorts or tights. But do know that there are also quite a lot of benefits from wearing running tights. If you do choose to wear running tights, it’s […]

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The Best Knee Sleeves For Running, Weightlifting and CrossFit

If you’re a fan of running, weightlifting, crossfit or pretty much any other activity that puts strain on your knees, then I have news for you.Damage to the cartilage or tendants in your knee is forever. Yes, you may recover, but your knee will never be the same again. Speak to anyone who has had […]

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Best Ankle Braces for Running, Basketball or Volleyball Sprains

Among the most common — and most debilitating and nagging — kinds of injuries anybody has to deal with are those involving the ankle. If you’re searching for an ankle brace you probably know this already. When it’s sprained, twisted, or just banged up, chances are it hurts like hell. A year ago I sprained my […]

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Best Adjustable Weight Bench – Our top 5 choices for 2019

Looking for the best adjustable weight bench? Fitness buffs spill on what features to search for, their faves and raves, and what’s best for you.You go to the gym and look for the best adjustable weight bench in sight, but there’s none. You panicked a little, wondering how to do those chest presses and dips […]

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How to Choose the Best Weightlifting Belt – And are they suitable for Powerlifting?

Weightlifting is one of the go-to exercises for those who are looking to bulk up in the gym. However, lifting comes with various risks and may make you susceptible to injury if you’re not careful. Lifters should take extra precautions so that they won’t injure themselves. In this article, we will be listing down a few […]

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Should You Use Knee Sleeves for Squats? – We Review The Best 5 Options

Squats are some of the most common and basic workouts both for men and women. There are even a lot of variations to work the core, leg muscles, and glutes. However, the form is crucial. Today, we will be discussing knee sleeves, and we will be reviewing some of the best knee sleeves for squats […]

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