FitnessPurity® goal is to be a Fitness central online resource hub with intense research-backed, scientific approach and heavily backed with statistic data from reliable sources.

Countless hours of research put into creating one of Fitness most useful resources hub. Moving forward, more Fitness experts will be brought on board to provide more accuracy and authentic content to our Fitness audiences.

About Douglass Hameldon

Douglass Hameldon

What's up Gymers, I'm Doug. I don't spend 10 hours a day in the gym but I can't bear to miss out a day working out. In my blogs, I will do my best to help you to overcome difficulties, run-over frustration during the journey of getting fit.

All the exercises, guidance and recommendation are well-conducted from experts' advice as well as from my personal workout experiences. My wish is to make this blog become the most fulfilling and easy-to-follow blog for everyone who wants to take better care of their body.

So if you have any suggestion that could help FitnessPurity to be more desirable, contact us below. 

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