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Hack Squat vs Squat

Hack Squats Vs Normal Squats – Which should you be doing?

The Squat is one of the three exercises in the strength sport of powerlifting, beside deadlifts and benchpress, mainly strengthening your leg and buttock muscles. And Hack Squat and Squat are two of the most effective variations of it. There are many controversial opinions between professionals as well as gymers about which one is more beneficial. Unfortunately, […]

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KinoBody (1)

Kinobody Workout Review – Will it make you a superhero?

If you are a real fitness enthusiast, you have surely heard of Kinobody, a workout and nutrition program founded by Greg O’Gallagher. In case you don’t know much about it, this program is a series of fitness routines for both men and women, each aimed at helping you achieve a strong and aesthetically pleasing body. Sounds familiar? Of […]

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Athlean-X Review – Is Jeff’s program really worth it?

There’s probably just a tiny fraction of people interested in fitness who don’t know who Jeff Cavaliere is. We all saw numerous videos of Jeff giving pro tips absolutely for free. And he spends a lot of time making those YouTube videos with his trusty colleague Jesse, just to bring his Athlean-X program to people’s attention. Athlean-X […]

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bfr bands featured image

Your Ultimate Guide to Occlusion Training via Blood Flow Restriction

If you want to know if Occlusion training, otherwise known as blood flow restriction training, can help you build muscle faster, then you’ve come to the right place. Blood flow restriction training is a bit of a hot topic in the bodybuilding community. Along with it sounding scientific, some are saying introducing blood flow restricting bands […]

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How To Do Front Squats

The benefits of Front Squats vs Back Squats, and how to do them correctly

As we all know, to have an overall stunning physique, you need to also workout on below-the-belt muscles, aka the legs and buttocks. Alongside traditional back squats for leg gains, we have it’s less famous sibling, the front squat; an exercise that requires the bar to be in front you instead of on your back.Continue […]

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Neutral Grip Pull Ups

How to Conquer Neutral Grip Pull Ups

There’s no getting around the fact that – if you desire a muscular and stronger back, your workout needs to include pull ups, as this is THE exercise for a perfectly V-shape back. We have all seen those giant ripped dudes perform this exercise at the gym and many of us wish that we could do […]

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5 Of The Best Bodyweight Ab Exercises – Including Upside Down Sit Ups

Body weight training provides you with a highly efficient endurance and strength workout that’s guaranteed to improve your fitness and core strength.However, the movements in body weight ab workouts are far more challenging than the typical crunches.These types of exercises, especially upside down sit ups, are capable of giving your abs size and definition, a surefire way […]

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How To Do Dumbbell Rows

How To Do Dumbbell Rows Like A Pro

The dumbbell row is one of indispensable exercises to target the upper-body muscles always practiced by professionals; however, unfortunately, it usually is ignored by many gymers. To be completely honest, although it’s considered too “easy” and perhaps boring, this exercise is a great tool for the beginners or experienced gymmers. Trust me you will be astonished […]

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How Much Weight Can You Lose In A Sauna

How Much Weight Can You Lose In A Sauna?

The word “sauna” is actually derived from Finnish, as it had been used a long time ago by ancient Finns as a form of bath. The Finns used these so-called “sweat baths” to reinvigorate their minds and detoxify their bodies.

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Abs Everyday

3 Powerful Training Routines For A Bonanza Of Abs Everyday

Ab workout routines have always been a hot topic among fitness orientated people, because everybody wants that sexy six-pack. Ironically, the most desirable physical trait, having a six-pack, is also the toughest one to get. However, questions like how to build a six-pack and how long does it take to develop one are completely out of […]

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