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Kiper CLS (Lumbar Support Belt) Review 2020

It was back in around Christmas 2017, I was taking an afternoon nap after some works.

The problem came when I woke up with serious lower back pain, around the lumbar area.

Panic. Shocked. Confused. The first thing came to mind was how can someone injured his or her back through a sleeping nap?! I will share more details in an upcoming post.

I’m Charles T., a person who has experienced a lot of lower back pains for more than 2 years. I’ve gone through Chiropractic treatment, bought a bunch of back support products and more to try to heal or at least reduce my back pain over the years.

One of the Chinese treatments I opted for.

Fast forward 2 years, I’ve tried multiple lumbar back support including so-called spectrum wear (costs over $490 (RM2000) that promises to solve your lumbar pain miraculously by just wearing it.

As you probably guessed it, it didn’t help much.

Kiper, a company specializes in creating muscle support products has recently launched a new Lumbar Support Belt, called CLS (Chris Leong Series) in a collaboration between a famous Chiropractor from Malaysia, Chris Leong and Kiper.

Having been following Chris Leong Live chiropractic treatments, so one day Chris Leong introduced this Kiper CLS, which I had been seeing him wearing on multiple occasions for his live treatment video.

I was impressed. Really. Look at how Chris Leong carried someone double his weight below:

Kiper CLS First Impression

I don’t need to carry someone twice my weight on my back. But, I bought the Kiper CLS right away after learning how Chris Leong spent over a year trying to refine this lumbar back support belt which himself and his team are using to support their lower back.

Kiper CLS quick review

So, today, I’m going to give a quick review of this Kiper CLS Lumbar Support Belt, which I bought on the first day Kiper launched it.

Here, I was at Japan wearing the lumbar support belt from Kiper.

Having used multiple back support products to relieve my back pain over the years has made me become more knowledgeable in maintaining a healthier back or spine.

This has quickly become one of my favorite back support products.

This Kiper CLS was released at the right timing as I was 2 weeks away from my exciting Japan trip with my girlfriend and some of my family members. So, I received it right before the Japan trip.

It was really helpful especially for traveling and something portable to carry around if you do not want to wear it (I don’t recommend wearing a back support belt for an extended period of time unnecessarily).

How does it help to relieve my back pain during my Japan trip?

It was a packed 13 days trip to Japan. It involved a lot of walking, some simple hiking, and more – mostly planned by my girlfriend.

People who have a back problem has one common problem – walking too much may cause lower back sore pain. Here’s how Kiper CLS helps me:

  1. It’s easy to wear it inside or outside of your body with your shirt on. If you don’t mind people looking at you wearing it. This is important to me as I do not want to wear it all the time.
  2. I find it very comfortable to walk while wearing CLS Kiper than sitting. So, it is very helpful for traveling since we tend to walk a lot for a trip.
  3. You feel like there’s a chair with back support holding your back. I found myself wearing it more often than I realized.
  4. I actually skipped using one of the heat pack I brought along because I had lesser pain after wearing it.
  5. Any days, where we needed to change the accommodation place, I made sure I wore this back support belt because some places do not have a lift. I did carry luggage through the staircase.

I was surprised as I didn’t expect much to be honest.

So, I literally skipped using the heat pack (I usually used it at night at hotel after a day of long walk to relax my back or spine muscle but I didn’t have to) – because the CLS has helped to support my spine or lower back during the extensive walk and also sort of stayed injury-free during the entire 13 days trip.

Quick Conclusion?

This is my review after using Kiper CLS Support Belt for more than 2 months now. I will write a more complete review after using it for another month or two.

My advice?

Go to Kiper CLS page to read the reviews yourself, check out the material Kiper used and also words from Chris Leong himself how Kiper CLS helps to relieve your lower back pain.