Kinobody Workout Review – Will it make you a superhero?

If you are a real fitness enthusiast, you have surely heard of Kinobody, a workout and nutrition program founded by Greg O’Gallagher.

In case you don’t know much about it, this program is a series of fitness routines for both men and women, each aimed at helping you achieve a strong and aesthetically pleasing body.

Sounds familiar?

Of course, it does, as there are dozens of online fitness programs at your disposal these days. So, what sets Kinobody apart from the others, and is it the right one for you?

You can read all about it in today’s Kinobody review article. Enjoy!

About the creator

Greg O’Gallagher is a man with a lifelong fitness obsession. At the age of 18, he decided not to go to college but instead pursue his dream of making the world a fitter place.

Not long after, he moved to LA, started working in a gym and somewhere along the way he got the idea for starting a website - you guessed it-

Fast forward to today, Greg is a very popular trainer/fitness guru with a huge social media following (16k+ followers on Facebook, 279k+ followers on Instagram. 450k+ subscribers on YouTube).

This young man has become a true online sensation, and besides making workout and nutrition programs, he also creates videos, and hosts a podcast called “Road to Ripped.”

Unlike many of his peers, Greg doesn’t claim to have any special certifications, and he did not go to school for what he does.

Instead, he diligently researched all things fitness and nutrition (including Keto if your into that) and continues to do so to this day. He tries everything out on his own body to see what works and what doesn’t.

No matter what you think of this man, nobody can deny that he has an incredible physique and has achieved a considerable amount of success doing his thing.

About Kinobody

What is Kinobody?

Well, it is a series of exercise and meal plans which can help you achieve a massive, symmetrical, but also defined aesthetic. All three factors are equally important, and you will put the same amount of emphasis on every one of them.

There are six programs available, and they are:

Since a proportional look is what Kinobody is aiming for, the program leaves no muscle group behind. To make sure that you stay injury free, mobility exercises and stretches are a vital part of the regimen.The result of following this routine and sticking to the plan will be a defined, balanced body adhering to the age-old Greek god standard.Besides exercising, Kinobody places great importance on correct dieting.

Greg is a big fan and promoter of intermittent fasting, claiming that it’s the key to how he’s able to keep his body so lean and shredded. As you can see, Kinobody is not only about mindlessly hitting the gym, but is more of a lifestyle philosophy. The program was designed so that you can get in the best shape of your life without the gym becoming your life.Workouts are rigorous, short, and are performed only three times a week, which leaves you with plenty of time to rest and do other things that you enjoy.

Oh yes, I’m sure some will be thrilled to find out that there’s no cardio in most Kinobody programs. Is the Kinobody program for you? If your goal is to get shredded without obsessing about your workout regimen every day and worrying about eating a perfect diet, then yes - I think you’ll be happy with this one.

There are six different programs at your disposal, and which one is the right for you depends on three factors:

  • your current shape
  • what kind of look do you want to have
  • how fast you wish to get there

I don’t want to make it sound too easy, because Kinobody will require discipline and, most of all, consistency. Be ready to commit yourself to the program during its entirety and the results you expected will follow. Plus, if you really want to go allin, you can get Kinobody weight gainer or the Kinobody high octane supplements from Amazon. 

In case you do not like intermittent fasting, or you aren’t happy with the idea of having long breaks (6-8) hours between meals, then maybe you’d want to look for another regimen. Also, if you like cardio and want to do more of it, you’re in for a disappointment as there is NO cardio included in most of these workouts.

You should give Kinobody a try if you're:

  1. An average joe who wants to lose weight and build a strong, muscular body
  2. A casual gym-goer who wants put on more mass and get more definition
  3. A passionate gym-goer looking for a program that’s less time-consuming
  4. Someone who doesn’t want to change their diet too much but wants to get ripped

What makes Kinobody so special?

What makes Kinobody different from others is that it relies on the personal experience of its creator as well as information gained through training hundreds of clients to make a program that works and isn’t too invasive or time-consuming.

Not that it doesn’t require dedication, but it needs much less of it compared to some similar regimens. No matter what your level of fitness is, Kinobody will help you get even better.

How different is Kinobody from other fitness plans?  Well, you can say that it isn’t much different, but there are some key things, such as diet and low workout volume, that make it stand out.

I’ve already mentioned the six programs that Greg offers, and now I’m going to go into detail with them.

1. The Warrior Shredding Program

As the company describes it, this is a strength building program that’s going to help you achieve the following:

  • Excellent definition
  • Fat loss and muscle gain
  • Lose up to 8 pounds

For some individuals, all of the above can be achieved in a month. So, how does it work?

You’ll get a nutrition and exercise plan that’s easy to follow and won’t take too much time. You’ll be eating three large meals a day and exercising 3 times per week.

The information on how to do this is contained within a 74 page PDF document, as well as full workout videos.

2. The Greek God Physique

The Greek God program is a follow-up to the Warrior, and it’s meant to guide you on how to put on more muscle while retaining maximum leanness.

For this one, Greg coined the term MEGA - Minimum Effort Growth Acceleration - a method that claims to help you:

  • Maximize muscle mass
  • Break through plateaus
  • Optimize nutrition for muscle gains

If you buy the program, you’ll get a FAQ guide, 3 days per week workout regimen, and access to Private Members Community.

3. The Superhero Physique

The third and last part of Kinobody’s main programs is the Superhero. This one aims to show you how to “train smarter not harder,” and it promotes a method known as rest-pause training.

Those who order this package will receive a lot of goodies in it, including The Living the Superhero Lifestyle eBook, Core bulking program, Workout Substitution guide, and more.

4. Aggressive Fat Loss 2.0

Aimed at those who wish to lose fat fast, Aggressive Fat Loss 2.0 offers a meal plan that “reprograms” your body so that you lose fat more quickly without the negative effects of extreme diets and other bad methods.

The program is somewhat strict and will need to be taken seriously, but it won’t take too much of your energy, and you won’t have to avoid the usual ‘culprits’ (carbs and fat). It will also teach you how to reduce cravings for junk food and feel satiated throughout the day.

Aggressive Fat Loss consists of seven components, and they are:

  • Main course
  • Cheat sheet
  • Audio course
  • Exercise video tutorial
  • Hypnosis
  • Becoming present
  • Science of fasting
  • Private Members Community

5. Bodyweight Mastery

This is a program to those who are into calisthenics or do not have access to well-equipped gyms. Bodyweight Mastery takes you through 8 phases that will help you get your desired look using nothing but your bodyweight.

Besides the exercise guide, you’ll also get a nutrition guide, workout progression tutorials, and access to Private Members Groups.

6. The Goddess Toning Program

And now something for the ladies. The Goddess Toning program utilizes a series of cardio and strength exercises to help you get lean and fit. Along with it, you’ll get a personalized nutrition plan that will simplify your diet and remove the need to worry about it all the time.

The routine has 3-4 exercise days per week and will not make you bulky or muscular, but rather feminine, firm, and toned. You’ll follow the program through exercise videos, a motivational workbook, and a meal guide.

Is it worth the money?

As you know, these programs are not free, and each of them costs $47 except Bodyweight Mastery which goes for $39. Now, the fact that there is a price tag on it inevitably leads to the question is Kinobody worth it?

In my opinion, it definitely is, given that you closely follow the instructions and that you are consistent.

Of course, there’s always a chance that you don’t experience all the benefits that the company claims you will, but this should be expected, and any reasonable person already knows this.

As for the price, there are many rival plans that are more expensive as well as a number of those which are cheaper. I feel that Greg offers a fair deal as there is a lot of useful material that you get for what you pay.

What did the users say?

The company’s website is filled with Kinobody testimonials and before/after photos that show some truly amazing transformations of people who followed the program.

However, the website does state that these results may vary by individual and they do not claim that you too will be able to achieve such great results.

On the other hand, nobody says that you won’t, so there’s a good chance that you can look like some of the folks from the “after” photos.

When asking the question “Does Kinobody work?”, you won’t find too many negative answers online. Through my research, I was able to come across many users who stated that they had a positive experience with the program.

The negative comments were related to the content that Greg offers and claimed that the same information could be easily found for free.

As expected, there were certain individuals talking about the “Kinobody scam”, but if you search hard enough you’ll find scam claims for any existing workout program on the internet.

Pros and cons of Kinobody


Mindset focus

A part of why I like this program is the psychological aspect of it. Greg does a great job of motivating people and he offers useful tips on how to get into a proper mindset about the entire thing.

What I also liked is the “accept yourself as you are” mentality, which helps you set achievable goals, and puts an emphasis on taking care of yourself.


Once you cut through the marketing hype, you won’t be able to find any outrageous claims about fat loss and muscle gain in short periods of time.

Instead, the company states that you should lose only a pound or so per week and try to sustain that for as long as you need.

Holistic approach

Kinobody doesn’t just give you a bunch of workout videos and tells you to follow it. No, they provide you with meal plans, tips on how to balance your diet, as well as what kind of mindset you need to have to push through the rough patches.



I don’t think that fasting is wrong, but the trouble with Kinobody is that it is a requirement and not everyone might like this.

Fasting is a topic that’s still debated among health experts, and while some claim that it is chock-full of health benefits, others are reluctant to agree. All in all, if you don’t like not eating for long periods, you won’t like Kinobody.

Not for “meatheads”

Those who are only interested in maxing out on their squat/bench press/deadlift in order to put on as much muscle as possible will probably not be satisfied with this program.

Kinobody focuses on making a proportional and defined aesthetic, and not so much on maximizing muscle mass. Heavy lifts are only a part of the program and definitely not the core of it.

What I'd Buy Instead....

Although I do feel that the Kinobody program is better than what many other reviewers give it credit for , I honestly think that the programs from Carly Donovan offers better value for money. I plan to do an in depth review on the available programs soon, but in the meantime you can take a look at what's on offer and use this discount promo link. Just navigate to the workout plans sections. 


People who wish to lose fat and gain muscle without putting in too much time in the gym and eating five meals a day should give Kinobody a shot. It is the ideal program for those interested in getting ripped but don’t want their life to revolve around fitness.

There’s a lot of hype about this program, I know, but I’d say that you shouldn’t judge Kinobody before trying it out.

The programs can be found at

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