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You might have head the phrase “bubble butt” somewhere, but you don’t know what exactly that might mean. Bubble butt is a booty that is made especially round through physical fitness. A bubble butt is most commonly associated with a fit body, and thick thighs; the physique of someone who works out.

Everyone’s genetic makeup is different; some need to work out a lot more than others to achieve their desired goals. However, no one can achieve the “bubble butt” physique without putting in some hard work.

If you’re looking to make some changes in your physical appearance, specifically your lower body you should try out some of these exercises.

Exercises to get a bubble butt and thick thighs


Squats are probably the most popular leg exercise right now, and rightfully so.

We rate squats as the no.1 butt building exercise you should be doing.

Stand with your feet kept apart at shoulder width and your arms straight up and in front of you, parallel to the floor. Descend slowly, as if sitting down back into a chair.

You want to descend until your thighs are parallel to the floor, or as little or as much as you can while maintaining form. Lower yourself by moving your hips and let your knees move forward in order to maintain balance; stand up and repeat. 

You can try front and back squats, as well as hack squats and find something that works best for you. Just remember to go ass-to-ground!


The lunges are quite the taxing exercise, but they’re also quite effective.

We at Fitness Purity consider lunges as the second best exercise you can do for building bigger buttocks and thighs.

Stand with your feet put together with your back straight, chest up and your hands on your hips. Step back with one leg and start lowering your knee towards the floor, stop at around ankle height and repeat for the other leg.


Deadlifts have a reputation for being a hardcore bodybuilder’s exercise, but that’s not entirely true. Deadlifts have an effect on your entire body. With that said, it’s very, VERY, important to keep a proper form when doing deadlifts, and to have the right kind of shoes if you are not doing them barefoot.

Stand straight with your feet just under the barbell. Bend over and grab the bar with an overhand grip that should be at shoulder-width.

Bend your knees slightly, until your shins make contact with the bar, straighten your back and lift up your chest while still holding the bar. Once you’ve achieved proper form, take a breath and hold it
in, then stand up with the weight.  

Hold that weight for a second. Slowly bend your knees when you’re returning the weight to the floor. Injury may occur if you’re too careless while still holding weight.


The Glute bridge is an exercise that might seem simple and ineffective, but that’s not quite the case.

For the Glute Bridge you should lie down flat on your back, with your feet flat on the floor and your knees bent. Your feet should be apart at around hip width and your hands at your side on the floor.

The goal is to lift your hips off the matt by using your glutes, once you’ve lifted your hips hold them up for a second and then lower your hips back down. Do as many reps of these as you want, the recommended reps for most starter exercise is three sets of 8 reps each.

Another way to do it is instead of lowering yourself after a second, just hold your hips up with your glutes, sort of like a plank.


Feeling stubborn? Then donkey kick your way to a bubble butt!

The donkey kick might seem like a silly exercise, but it's quite taxing and very efficient.

You start off in a prone position, on your hands and knees. Extend one leg until it’s parallel to the floor and bend the knee until your foot faces the ceiling, somewhat making an “L” shape with your leg.

Proceed to kick your foot, straight up, use your glutes to extend your leg. Lower the leg back to the starting position, parallel to the floor. Do the same thing for your other leg as well.

Glute Activation

glute activation for a big ass and booty

Activating and engaging your glutes is very important if you want to achieve the “bubble butt” physique, and that’s where mind-to-muscle comes in.

Mind to muscle connection is when you have to focus on which muscles you are supposed to activate, in order to be able to engage them properly. If you’ve tried squats before but didn’t feel your glutes getting engaged, there might be a reason why.

Exercises with resistance bands in which you are focusing solely on your glute muscle activation can help. If you use some of these movements in your program, when you’re doing other exercises like lunges, it will make them far more effective.

No sign of results?

sad women lacking bubble asses

The booty will grow...have faith!

There are a few factors that you need to consider when you’re looking at your results.

It’s entirely possible that the exercise program you’re using is not ideal for what you’re trying to achieve. When going for the jiggly butt look, squats are more important than deadlifts.

On the other hand, the “bubble butt” look requires you to have thick thighs and a solid frame to match. It’s possible that a different muscle group is underdeveloped since you’ve focused on squats too much. If you think you’ve done enough work with your squats, focus on another muscle group, maybe deadlifts for more core strength or a different hamstring exercise.

You also might need to increase the number of reps you do, or if you’re using equipment that requires weight, you might have to move up a few pounds.

Another important factor for achieving results is your diet. You can’t expect to lose weight and gain muscle at the same time; if you’re not getting the right amount of calories in that can be a problem. We’ll get into more detail later in the article.

Like we mentioned before, achieving this physique takes hard work, leg exercises are some of the most tiresome exercises there are. It’s hard to stay dedicated to properly exercising your legs; you’ll feel sore after every workout, sometimes to the point where you won’t be able to walk, so it’s
completely understandable if you try to cut some corners, just know that it might slow down your progress.

The 3 Heads of the Gluteal muscle

If we take a look at the gluteal muscles, that will help us better understand what their purpose is and how they function. The glutes basically boil down to three muscles. The Gluteus Maximus, which is the largest of the three and closest to the skin. The Gluteus Medius, being the second
largest and Gluteus Minimus, the smallest and deepest of the three.


As the largest gluteal muscle, the Gluteus Maximus has the role of a powerful hip extensor and an eccentrically supporting muscle in hip flexion; it also plays quite a role in lateral hip rotation. Movements such as sprinting, squatting, hip-thrusts, jumping and deadlifting are all closely associated with the Gluteus Maximus.


The second largest of the three, the Gluteus Medius, also plays a role in lateral hip rotation but is better known for its contribution to abduction movements (moving the thighs away from the body), as well as stabilizing single leg movements. Single leg hip thrusts, pelvic drops, Split Squats, monster walks and many other types of movements are associated with the Gluteus Medius.


The Gluteus Minimus has three functions. Hip abduction, hip extension, and internal hip rotation.  
The Minimus and the Medius have great synergy as they are very similar in what they do.

The bubble butt physique is best achieved if you develop all 3 of these muscles.


what to eat to grow a bigger booty

Like we mentioned before your diet is very important when it comes to building muscles. Muscle growth requires portion control, meal timing, hydration, and well-balanced meals.

A vital part of muscle building is your protein intake. Ideally, you want to get at least one gram of protein per each pound you weigh. Apps like My Fitness Pals can help you keep track of your diet. 

Try tracking your eating regimen for a few days to see how much protein you’re eating. A low carb diet isn’t ideal for longer periods. However, the types of carbs you’re consuming are also important when you’re aiming for the big butt physique.

Carbs you should be looking for are brown rice, oatmeal, sweet potato and brown rice pasta. A full day’s regimen would consist of something like 3 meals and snacks in between. Fats are quite an important part of your diet. The average person consumes around 45-55g of fats per day, and if
you’re working out more intensely, you’re probably going to need to increase this intake.

It’s important that you consume healthy fats, like fats found in nuts or avocado for example. These foods aren't called "super foods" for no reason! Timing is another very important aspect of a proper workout diet. You should time your meals to help fuel your workouts properly. Have higher fat foods and carb foods earlier in the day and before your workouts, to get that extra energy you need for an intense training day.

A cheat meal is allowed every now and again. If you so desire, you can dedicate one day of your week where you have a meal to satisfy your cravings. This doesn’t mean that you should binge junk food all day that day though, so keep that in mind.

You also shouldn’t feel bad for having a cheat meal. We all crave unhealthy foods, especially if we’ve just made a change from an unhealthy lifestyle to something far healthier. If you try to suppress these cravings, it could lead to you getting demotivated, or even worse, going on a terrible binge that can set you far back.

Once you see your results your cravings are sure to subside, your results will bring you much more joy; you’ll be thinking about the results way more than you’ll be thinking about eating junk food.

With a regular exercise program in place, your body will feel satisfied with the healthy regimen you’re keeping.

Be patient - it takes time

growing a bigger ass takes time

Achieving the “bubble butt” physique takes a lot of time and patience, you can’t expect it to happen overnight. You’ll need at least three months to even notice any changes. The glute is a large muscle, and it needs a lot of time and dedication for it to develop, so don’t get too discouraged if
you don’t see any changes for the first few months.

Another reason why this process takes so long is that the idea behind this program is to build a round booty while also reducing any fat gains to a minimum. Maintaining an overall fit body, with a flat tummy while also working out takes time.

Focusing on an exercise routine and following it through
will always lead to results. Consistent workouts and well-balanced diets are
always going to show you results, as long as you take them seriously.


Another important part of working out your glutes and getting the big butt physique is developing your legs. If you’re going for the look, you probably don’t want underdeveloped legs.

Once you have the “bubble butt”, you probably want thick thighs and defined hamstrings to go with it.

Exercises like deadlifts and hamstrings are great for developing your legs as well as your butt. Remember that everything in your body is connected, working on building from the ground up can only be a good thing.  We mentioned earlier that just doing squats won’t do much for you, that’s why this exercise program was created. This program makes sure you aren’t neglecting the key exercises needed for this look.


You don’t want to do too much cardio. Cardio gets rid of your fat, but too much cardio can lead to losing muscle, or not getting the muscle gains you want, and in any case a little bit of fat isn’t bad if you’re going for the “big butt” look.

While cardio still remains an important part of your health, there’s no need to overdo it. Go for cardio programs that activate your glutes more, something like the stair climber or set the treadmill on an incline.,

Your cardio workouts should be short and effective, break a sweat and get warmed up for the main course, the muscle exercises. There’s no need to do cardio for more than an hour to get any beneficial cardiovascular results. Too much cardio will be counter-productive as it will be more time
spent on losing fat (and some muscle) instead of building glutes.


Girl in white underwear measuring her butt and hips isolated on a white background

You might look at yourself in the mirror and feel like you’re getting nowhere; it is extremely hard to notice any changes if you’re closely inspecting every detail of yourself every single day. It’s also
important to look at yourself from all angles, especially when it comes to the “bubble butt” physique.

A good idea would be to take measurements or better yet, progress photos every two weeks, from a few different angles, and make a detailed list with time and date. If you’re truly following your workout program, diet and all, you will see changes, that’s guaranteed.

Seeing these changes for yourself can be very motivating and might make a big difference in terms of mentality when moving forward. As with most things you do in life, it is important to reward yourself along your journey. You can set some personal milestones and whenever you achieve one,
treat yourself to something you enjoy. Most importantly, always remember to keep going!


Each of these routines and exercise programs that are meant to enhance your thighs and glutes require you to work out your core. When working on your core, you need to be very mindful of your form and posture, especially when doing the deadlift exercise.

The best way to avoid any back strains or injuries is to keep a good form.

When doing squats or deadlifts, be careful of overdoing it, especially if you plan to do squats and deadlifts on the same day. it’s very important to maintain a good form for every single rep. Without good form, your sets won’t be very efficient since you won’t be isolating your muscles, and at worst you might get an injury.

It’s also very important to have a strong core in order to minimize the possibility of any lower back strains or injuries. Everything comes from the core, the strong your core, the strong your body is.

That’s why it is very important that you do not neglect any exercise for any muscle groups. Your goal might be the “bubble butt” look, but it’s important to maintain a strong core. Remember, everything in your body is connected.


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