10 Exercises For Hamstrings And Glutes Without Equipment

The best possible exercises you can do for your glutes and hamstrings are leg curls and deadlifts. But what do you do if you don’t have access to equipment? Well, there are many home workouts that can give you the same burn that you get when you are at the gym. Below are the best exercises for hamstrings and glutes without equipment.

The Best Glute Workouts Without Equipment

One of the most powerful muscle groups in your entire body is your glutes. They are the power behind your hips, helping you to move backwards and forwards, powering up all your movements. The bigger the muscles get, the higher the chance your metabolism will increase.

​You always want to have your glutes firing in the burn zone; those muscles will stop firing, and you will end up with a flat bottom.

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#1 Pop Squats

Pop squats are very similar to a regular squat except for one difference; you are jumping up in the air when doing so. Get into the squat position and lower yourself to the ground. Once there you burst upwards into the air and return to the starting position. These will really burn your legs out; it’s a great exercise. Try starting off with ten pop squats and moving up from there. If you can do three sets, then you are off to a good start.

Below is a great example of a pop squat:

#2 Burpees

Most people either love burpees, or they hate them. They can be an exhausting workout, but they are so effective. This exercise is all about moving as fast as you can in a short period of time. Burpees is an intense conditioning workout that will really work your glutes, and you don’t require any equipment.

Your bodyweight alone will provide you with all the resistance you need to make your glutes burn. It will help build your strength as well as increase your endurance. Begin in the squat position but with your hands on the floor in front of you. Kick your feet behind you in the push-up position. Quickly return your feet back to the squat position and jump up into the air as high as you can.

This exercise tends to be done quickly with no rest until you are finished the set. Repeat the motions for a minute straight and you will discover a new workout that will kill your legs.

Below is a great example of how to complete a burpee:

#3 Glute-ham Walks

Glute-ham walks, otherwise known as glute lifts are very effective, but also extremely tiring!

This exercise will work both the hamstrings and the glutes together. They target the powerful muscles that run alongside the back of your body. It will be working your hamstrings while burning out your glutes at the same time.

With knees bent lie on your back. Lift your toes up so that only your heels are touching the ground. Now lift your hips forward until they are straight. Squeeze your bottom and engage your abs. Now the tricky part is slowly walking one foot at a time away from your body about 1-2 inches away until you get to the point where your legs are fully extended. Your hips are always extended, never let them fall. Walk your feet back into position. Do that for 5-10 reps or as many as you can get in 2-3 minutes. 

Below you can see the glute lift in action:

#4 Squats

You can do a squat easily without a squat rack or weights. It’s important that your knees never go over your toes with a squat and keep your head straight and your head up. Start with 5 sets. You can start with one set of 25 take a minute break and go up to 50, then 75, 50 and back down to 25. Your glutes should be burning by then.

Below is an effective way of performing a squat with good technique:​

#5 Glute Bridge

A glute bridge can be done anywhere with or without weights. A glute bridge starts with your back on the floor. Feet are flat on the floor with your knees bent; arms are always on the side. Start by lifting your butt and hips off the floor making a bridge in the process. Don’t push hips too high as you can cause stress to your lower back. Hold the position for several seconds and go back to the starting position. Do 3-5 sets.

The Best Hamstring Workouts Without Equipment

Three different muscles make up the hamstring muscle, and they run alongside the back of your thighs. The hamstring muscles can be difficult to work on without weights. But there are a few exercises that can help you burn those muscles effectively without equipment. These exercises can be done right in your living room. Below are hamstring exercises you can do without equipment.

#6 Calf Extensions

These are exercises that you can do while standing up. You can use stairs to do calf extensions. Stand on a stair using your toes and extend down until your heel is below the stair. Return to starting position and repeat. Do 20 reps for three sets.

#7 Lunges

Source: list25.com

Lunges are a great exercise that can be done with or without weights. They are a great exercise for the hamstrings. Take one step forward, lowering your hips as your weight is shifted to the foot in front of you. Don’t let your knees pass your toes and always have your knee bent at a 90-degree angle. Your leg strength is what gets you back to the standing position. You can do 10-15 reps for three sets

#8 Chair Squats

Squats are often used to work out the glutes, but a chair squat most specifically burns out the hamstrings really well. Stand in the squat position with a chair behind you, your fit hip-width apart. When you squat down, go as far as the chair will allow you. When your butt touches the chair, you then return to the starting position. Hold the position for a few seconds before your return to the starting position. Try doing 20 reps for three sets.

#9 Deadlifts

Most people use weights when it comes to a deadlift, but it can be done without weights as well. Al you need to do is get in the deadlift position and bend at the hips from a standing position. Make sure that your abs are tights and your back is flat for this exercise. Hands are held loosely behind your back. The goal here is to get your back to be parallel to the floor. Return to the starting position and repeat. You can do 10-15 reps for 3-5 sets.

#10 Flutter Kicks

A great workout for your hamstrings are the flutter kicks. You will really feel the burn with this exercise. To start, lie flat on your stomach and lift one leg a few inches off of the ground. It’s important to engage your ab muscles at this time as it will help you to avoid arching your back during the exercise. Slowly lower that leg while you start to raise the other. Repeat for 15 reps at three sets.


Doing glute and hamstring exercises are a great way to get your butt and legs in shape, you can do any better than these exercises, they are that effective. Try these hamstring and glute exercises as they don’t require equipment and you will find your legs toning up in now time. You don’t necessarily need weights in order to complete an exercise, your body weight alone can help you out a great deal.

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It’s important to stay active and live a healthy lifestyle even if you can’t get to the gym. These exercises are great options to do at home to help you stay in shape. Always keep good form, even without using weights you can injure yourself if you are doing the exercise incorrectly. Talk to your doctor if you feel any pain during the exercises or if you find unusual shortness of breath.

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