Best Crossfit Gloves Reviewed – Must Have For Pull Ups and Rope Climbing

Crossfitters will tell you that the said fitness regimen is no joke. Your hands can get badly bruised, blistered or bloodied. That’s why for those who CrossFit, wearing the best CrossFit gloves will provide the protection you need. Moreover, the right gloves will further improve your fitness performance.

​Whether you’re doing deadlifts or a plate raises, CrossFit gloves tend to have the benefits in protecting your hands and giving you the ease of exercising. In the same way, there are plenty of workout routines in which cross fitters feel stressful than others.

Notably, the gloves make certain you have the proper grip, wrist support and padding among many others. So, in this article, we provide you best Crossfit gloves reviews to help you make a right choice.

Benefits Of Wearing Crossfit Gloves

Crossfit a sport is without any mercy. Thus, wearing the best CrossFit gloves provide you the advantages when performing the workout. Speaking about this, here are the benefits of wearing them.

Prevents Blisters

Active workout regimen can damage the skin by friction. As a result, when you do pull ups, triceps dips, or box at the gym, your weary hands can develop blisters. Consequently, if you have them, it would hamper your exercise and ruin your training schedule. Given that you would have to wait until the pus or blood would pop or subside. Specifically, it would take three to seven days when blisters stop.

Provides Better Grip Throughout Exercise

Your hands will get sweaty when you exercise. Therefore, if left without any gloves, you can slip a couple of weights and accidentally hurt yourself. In any case, better not to attempt any significant pull ups if your hands are left bare.

Gives Better Wrist Support

The best CrossFit gloves offer a better thumb and wrist support that can be useful in the prevention of injuries when working out. Some common exercise injuries include strain injury, fractured and broken wrist, and sprains.

Decreases Pressure

The right gloves place the wrist in the correct position and will reduce pressure. What is more, that it eases the pain like a burning sensation in your hands when you exert too much effort there.

Protects Against Germs And Dirt

If you cover your hands with gloves, you lessen the chance to come in contact with germs. That is to say; they are in the equipment that other gym users have used. Even though you won’t totally get rid of them, nonetheless, it decreases the germ population or the spreading of diseases.

These are among the advantages of wearing a great set of CrossFit gloves when you workout. Specifically, many people have their reasons why they don on the support. The above list contains the most common reasons why you should be looking for CrossFit gloves.

What To Look For In Buying Crossfit Gloves?

Although not everyone will love the same CrossFit gloves, one still needs to know which ones is the best to buy during CrossFit training. In other words, you need to understand its flexibility, mesh support or its grip. So, here are guidelines and features you should take note of purchasing a pair.

Has Good Grip

Because you’ll be performing heavy calisthenics and weights, you need a good grip gloves that protect your hands from accidents. Likewise, you’ll be performing a series of lifts, pulls or any cardio training in CrossFit. It is, therefore, essential to have good gloves lest you want to slip and hurt yourself.


You need a pair of the best CrossFit gloves to withstand the wear and tear of time. Check the material, the stitches of work, and decide which is conducive for you. Speaking about this, you need to make sure that when you do strenuous exercises, see that your gloves are durable enough to withstand it.


The gloves should be light and comfortable for ease of use. Also, it should be sufficiently flexible for you to conform movements when you’re performing an exercise. Under those circumstances, it should not restrict your hand movements.

Has Wrist Support

Your wrists are prone to injury when you workout. Accordingly, the best CrossFit gloves have a thick padding in your wrist area that keeps it firmly in its place. Hence, an adequate wrist support is necessary to pull off CrossFit exercises.

Made Of Quality Materials

The material mesh should be breathable, soft and yet firm to avoid blisters showing up in your hands. Moreover, you don’t want to go exercising with your hands sweaty already in your gloves. So, breathability is needed to keep your hands dry and cool.

Has Sufficient Padding

Ample padding should be at your palm areas where burns or calluses likely happen. Also, it is important to have the back of your hand well protected too. Excellent cushioning safeguards your skin and reduces pain. It should reduce pressure when you over exert yourself too much.

Though most people have preferences on what kind of gloves they need, the above are simple features that should be applicable in gloves. Looking for the best Crossfit gloves shouldn’t be a chore. So, let us pick one from the best with our reviews about it.

Top Five Best Crossfit Gloves Reviews

#1 EZY Fitness Exercise Gloves for Gym, Cross Training, Powerlifting & Workout

The gloves offer protection against abrasions and have wrist wraps that keep your wrists in place. For one, they would prevent your wrist from sudden twists when you’re exercising. Not to mention, the materials of the gloves are made with synthetic leather in sleek design and hold promises of not getting damaged to overexposure of moisture. Moreover, it’s versatile and can be in any workouts.


  • Great cushions that support the palms
  • Breathability of the material makes it ideal for everyday use
  • Wrist wraps are stiff and tight
  • Protection and durability features are great and help in making the exercise easier
  • High-quality material and built in of the gloves. It lasted longer than it said to be
  • Padding thickness is just right
  • The gloves are light in weight and are comfortable


  • The stitching of the thumb area needs to be seen and fixed
  • Wrist wraps beaten after five to seven uses and probably lesser for heavy crossfitters, though the gloves themselves are still in good shape.
  • The gloves are made large

Best for: Crossfitters who want extra protection on their hands. The wrist straps might be challenging unless one has to be careful with it.

#2 Mava Sports Cross Training Gloves with Wrist Support

Leather and silicone-padded material, Mava Sports wants you to say goodbye to blisters and calluses. What is more, the palm padding offers sufficient thickness for protection and wrist wraps provide support. Their silicone layer will add more grip features when lifting weights and all. Though it’s leather, Mava Sports comes in an anti-sweat technology that keeps your hands dry and cool.

Its palm design makes an excellent grip with pulling and lifting exercises.


  • Has good grip and lessens the pressure in your palms during CrossFit training. It’s not rubbery and sticky as some grips that gloves have
  • It does not constrict the movement of the hand, but rather, flows with it while still offering protection from any injuries that might befall
  • Provides excellent wrist support that keeps them in place
  • More padding to protect palms from that burning sensation when lifting heavy weights
  • Comfortable hands that snug well when wearing the gloves


  • Wrist support sometimes fail to deliver its usage
  • Works well with presses and lifts. However, pull-up exercises don’t seem to be helping with the issue
  • Silicone starts to peel off after CrossFit training

Best for: Individuals who would want some extra grip and movability in their wrists. Nonetheless, people should be careful regarding the wrist support system as it sometimes fails to deliver what it promises.

#3 WODFitters Textured Leather Hand Grips For Cross Training

It offers a whole hand and wrist support that adjusts according to your comfort zones. Also, it was designed to lessen pressure, pain, and strain in the wrist area and keeps it balanced and steady during exercise sessions. It offers grip control due to its hook-and-loop strap. What’s more, it has been padded well to keep your hands protected at all times.

It’s versatile and prevents further slipping in any exercises done.


  • The wrist wraps work well and are durable. It doesn’t fall off quickly and is quite tight, taking your wrists back in its natural position
  • The material used for the gloves are of high quality
  • Can withstand wear and tear of time despite being beaten too many times with CrossFit
  • Grip is good and prevents slipping
  • It offers breathability and comfort for your hands


  • Hard to place in fingers in the holes because they are in square openings
  • The loops dig into your skin and quite be uncomfortable
  • The leather is too thick between the fingers

Best for: People who are looking for proper wrist support. Unlike other gloves, WODFitters protects your wrists and adjusts it accordingly to your preference. However, with the padding too thick already, it gave a problem with the outer material being too dense as well.

#4 SEEU Women's and Men's Weight Lifting Gloves

Protects hands against abrasions and sudden twists, these gloves offer control in pressure as it protects the hands from abrasion, blisters, sprains and unexpected twists. Additionally, its padding is thick enough to prevent burning and offers to strengthen of grips. Adjustable wrist wraps are of Velcro for comfort.

It's material is quite breathable among mesh layers.


  • Great padding that absorbs shocks
  • Wrist support offers protection and prevent injuries
  • Versatile for any workout you want to do. For example, from burpees to pull ups
  • The gloves are comfortable and breathable too
  • Padding of both inside and outside material is perfect and conducive for CrossFit training


  • Too narrow for people with wide hands. The gloves slip a lot or roll up because it won’t fit. Causes blisters if the individual forces his hands to fit the narrow glove
  • Stitching of gloves come off after using it for a few months
  • Wrist straps limits your movements

Best for: Anyone looking for extra cushioning in cross fitting would find this glove perfecct. Its wrist support highly protects them but also restricts them from moving too much. It’s narrow, but some people pulled it off by stretching it for a few days.

#5 Fit Active Sports New Ventilated Weight Lifting Gloves with Built-In Wrist Wraps

These gloves offer a full palm protection as it covers your hands from thumbs to wrists. It boasts of being created with silicone which stands resistant to liquids and wears and tears from dangerous chemicals. Wrist support absorbs shock from sudden jerks and twists making it more desirable to customers

The material is breathable, giving comfort to the hands.


  • Comfortable and offers excellent wrist support
  • A breathable pair of gloves that leaves your hands dry
  • Cushions protects the hands when lifting weights or doing pull ups
  • It offers flexibility as the gloves follows the movement of the hands
  • Padding is thick and absorbs shock very well
  • Wrist straps are placed significantly and offer support when jerking or twisting


  • Wrist supports sometimes digs into your skin
  • Stitching at the thumb area ripped off and a bit wimpy
  • The material is averagely

Best for: People who want to do light exercises while wanting to have protection when exercising. It has its benefits, but, perhaps, people will look too much from the world of CrossFit gloves.

The Best Cross Left Gloves Rated

There are plenty of gloves out there, those who are for some people, and we had a hard time which choosing the best. However, one has met our criteria, and we believe it to be Mava Sports Cross Training Gloves with Wrist Support.

​The gloves offer excellent grip and wrist support system which are the top two features people often look in buying the best CrossFit gloves. Wrist support sometimes fails the user, but it can be customized or tailored to fit the user’s needs.

​What’s ideal of Mava Sports is that its grip is neither rubbery nor sticky. Also, it moves together with the hand and does not constrict it when exercising. Its padding is thick enough to protect the hands from blisters or burning sensation that would further injure them.

Overall, it’s the ultimate glove for CrossFit making us say; it’s the best CrossFit gloves for your rigorous training regimen. If you believe there’s something else out there that can beat out Mava Sports Cross Training Gloves, let us know in the comments! 

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