Try Before You Buy: Our Maxi Climber Review

Looking for the right workout machine can be pretty daunting. You want to have the best equipment that can give you the total exercise package. Thus, I decided to do a maxi climber review and why it’s a surprisingly effective piece of equipment for your workout regimen. At any rate, from all gears that offer total fitness workout, the Maxi Climber delivers.

The Maxi Climber is a calorie-blasting vertical climber that targets almost all muscles in your body. From biceps to your core, to triceps and glutes. All in all, it blasts fats and toxins away. So, find out why it’s the best equipment to have at home for your usage with the Maxi Climber.


Maxi Climber Overview

Maxi Climber is a vertical climber that mimics what it’s like to rock climb. It helps you burn calories as you ‘climb,’ therefore, strengthening and toning your muscles. Furthermore, maxi climber lets you use your body weight as resistance. Here are some things you have to know about the equipment.

What Are The Benefits Of Using The Maxi Climber?

features of the maxi climber


Maxi climber burns more calories than stationary bikes or treadmills. You can burn a whopping average of 500 calories for a full body workout in an hour.

Moreover, the maxi climber makes great cardio and strength training regimen without putting stress on your lower body.

In a word, no. First, the maxi climber is ergonomically designed for people of various body types and fitness levels. If you’re a beginner, the equipment is suitable for you to do simple step-ups. Meanwhile, for advanced fitness enthusiasts, you can input your customized training program and whip it at the climber.

Either going fast or slow, your pace will still show the results and give you the benefits of working out full time.

When To Work Out With The Equipment?

It highly depends on your fitness level and how long you can stand going on with an exercise. However, the people behind maxi climbers would like to point out that 10 minutes every day is top. For some, shorter exercise duration is already optimum.

​Notably, people who are more fit can exercise with the machine for longer intervals. Hence, integrating high-intensity interval training is more practical for these types of individuals.

​They can go HIIT for two minutes before going slow around a minute. Our maxi climber reviews will let you see the features of the equipment for you to take advantage of.

Here are some results which MaxiClimber claims to provide. What's important to note here is that these results are based on total body conditioning program, including the MaxiClimber® meal plan. 



How To Use The Maxi Climber?

Begin by stepping on the pedal while keeping your back straight. Work against your weight when adjusting yourself to the machine. Afterward, push down a foot while raising the other. Do it vice versa and continuously.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Maxi Climber

If you want to buy a maxi climber, you have to consider some factors. For example, can it fit in your home if you do the exercise? Or do you have the time for using it? What’s your weight? These are questions you should put into mind before buying. And, here’s our maxi climber reviews with the equipment.

Floor Space

The maxi climber is a space saver in any home. Considering this, it also has a foldable feature for storage. But remember, you must have a higher ceiling to perform the exercise. So, if your apartment has low room ceilings, better find an alternative weight machine or exercise.

Weight Capacity

Though maxi climbers are for people who want to lose weight; there’s a limit on how heavy you are. The maxi climber can only take up to 240 lbs. For this reason, if you find yourself heavier than that, take another option to lose weight. Or rather, buy another climber that meets your needs.

How Often You Can Use It

While you can use the climber every day for 10 minutes, for those people who aren’t that active, why buy? Even if do not live an active lifestyle, you can still use the climber. It ranges to any fitness level. So, whether you’re a buff or not, or whether you stopped exercising, try the maxi climber.

​Even though it’s great to have the maxi climber in your home, if you don’t have space, time or compatibility for it, then it would only be a waste. So, before buying, check whether your home or lifestyle is conducive for the climber or not.

Here’s What You Need To Know

All in all, when having the maxi climber, things get easier. From assembly to construction and workouts, you’ll see why it’s convenient for you.

The info below shows how the equipment might be suitable for you. Hopefully, this maxi climber review let you have the info you need before buying it.

It’s Already Pre-Assembled

The maxi climber prides itself on already being 90 percent assembled. The equipment is small and light at 34 pounds. Consequently, when assembled, the maxi climber is 24 inches by 36 inches and a maximum of 84 inches in height. Moreover, it folds a lot smaller and can be towed away in your storage.

​The equipment is almost ready to use when you open it in its package. Take 15 to 20 minutes when assembling it around the room. Afterward, you can use your ordered maxi climber. It’s that easy.

Cold-Rolled Steel Material

Many people think that, although it is pretty light, the maxi climber is cheap with low-quality stuff. However, it is otherwise. In fact, the steel build makes the climber more durable than other equipment. Thus, it can withstand stresses of the workout.

​Make sure you have an excellent flooring texture on your room otherwise you might slip on the floor. So, the equipment does move a little when you perform high-intensity training.

Isometric Non-Stick Grips

The material won’t make it sticky especially when you’re sweating. The gripping is notably great and prevents you from slipping.

In other words, getting to know the material will greatly help you in working out with the climber. Additionally, you are better prepared when using the equipment. That would mean, fewer accidents and slip-on. How about that?

What Are The Features Of The Maxi Climber?

The maxi climber has various characteristics that give the users advantage in working out and sweating fats away. Here are the key features which users may find valuable when working out.

  • Isometric non-stick grips. Face it. When working out, you’ll be having sweaty palms all over the entire duration. However, the maxi climber won’t let that hamper your workout session.
  • Designed for different body types and fitness levels. You might be too intimidated to use the machine at some point if you decide to buy it. Conversely speaking, anyone can use it. Whether you’re a fitness buff or a learner, the maxi climber is ideal for both fitness ranges.
  • Adjustable height. The machine does not only offer benefits for tall or short people but to those who can’t exercise strenuously. Notably, height plays a vital role in boosting people the amount and effort they give while working out.
  • Automatic workout timer. Digitally displayed in your equipment, it has a calorie and step counter. Additionally, it stops when you jump off of your climber.
  • Lightweight. One can just carry the maxi climber around the house or gym; let alone storing it when done using it. Not to mention it folds for further ease of stowing.

Pros And Cons of Owning A Maxi Climber

What is it like to work out in a maxi climber? Let us know with our experts and fitness enthusiasts. This section will provide you with information on it feels, what we like and why we would still continue with the equipment. For that reason, here are our personal maxi climber reviews.

What we like:

Great exercise leads to visible results

The maxi climber lets you work out quite quickly and targets almost all muscles in your body. That is to say, using the equipment can make you lose around 500 calories in an hour. Moreover, by working out, it helps improve your muscle strength and cardio as you push yourself like a rock climber for 10 minutes.

Compact of the equipment

We did say it was small and light. And that’s you your advantage. It takes up little space in the room because of its smaller footprint. That being the case, it greatly helps people who live in a flat or apartment while still wanting to work’s possible to keep it in your closet since the equipment can be folded and store safely.

Noiseless exercise

Does squeaky equipment annoy you? Rest assured that you won’t be bothered by the noise Maxi Climber gives. You can even exercise while your kids are sleeping. Under those circumstances, the noiseless experience you have with your equipment guarantees a great workout session.

Adjustable height

If you want to level up your exercise, you can just modify the steps and height of your maxi climber. Meanwhile, if you want to start or go slower, adjusting it would greatly help until you find your pace. It is designed to fit all body types and fitness levels. Therefore, the maxi climber is the ideal equipment to have when you want to improve your training further.

Strong and stable equipment

The cold-rolled steel shows you that a maxi climber is robust and durable. It can hold to its weight. Also, the machine is stable, though some people feel a little shake or slip at times. It may have done that, but the maxi climber will not fall.

Smart timer that keeps track of your exercise

The maxi climber’s timer starts up when you start hustling. Also, it stops when you do. This allows you to get the results of your workout instantly. Other than the calorie counter, it takes in how many steps you have done in the past 10 minutes.

What we didn't like:

You need to have higher ceilings

We suggest that you use it with at least eight feet floor-to-roof distance for you not to bump your head on the roof. Taller people would have an issue with this.

Weight limit of 240 pounds

You want to buy the equipment to trim down your belly. However, it wouldn’t have any of you if you’re above 240 lbs.

Good shoes

You can’t work out comfortably without any shoes on while you’re exercising. If you want to have a real push, wear your gym shoes or snickers.


Yes, its smart technology, however, it only allows you to check your stats when you’re on your maxi climber. Other than that, you can jot it down on a piece of paper.

Why I Chose The Maxi Climber

People would like to make a long term investment. They searched around the web that could give them equipment that caters to their needs–from slow going to integrating high-intensity training routines.

With a Maxi Climber, just one machine gives them all the benefits while burning fats in the body from biceps to thighs. In short, the maxi climber is the favored one for most people. Maxi Climber reviews around the net echo the same sentiments, too.​

Alternatives For The Maxi Climber

If you want to compare your maxi with other vertical climbers here’s what we have found that’s good enough to buy and use for exercising.

Sunny Folding Climbing Stepper

Sunny’s climbing stepper is ideal for people who have problems in their lower body. It gives the same result when working out nonstop. The climber targets your calves, glutes, thighs, and hips. Unlike the maxi climber, the Climber Stepper is made of heavy-duty steel and plastic. Here are their differences:

Sunny Folding Climbing Stepper

  • Better workout in the lower part of your body
  • Has more timer features like LCD that displays calories, scan mode, and step counter
  • Two adjustable cylinders

Maxi Climber

  • Targets all muscles in your body
  • Has a smart timer that starts and stops as you do
  • Five adjustable height for people who wants to workout from slow to HIIT

​As stated, this is ideal for people who would like to start slow and progress a little more in their regimen. So, if you want to introduce yourself to vertical climbers, here’s a product you should check out.

Conquer Vertical Climber Fitness Climbing Machine

The climbing lets you work out and burn away fats while promoting greater oxygen intake. The machine gears toward aerobics than cardio. However, it also induces calorie burn and highly improves cardiovascular health.

Conquer Vertical Climber Fitness Climbing Machine

  • Offers comprehensive aerobic fitness workout
  • Low impact on the muscles

  • All steel construction
  • 250 lbs weight limit
  • No LCD though

Maxi Climber

  • Maxi climbers are more focused on cardio exercises
  • Also, offers low-impact on the muscles while still giving the same benefits of a rigorous training
  • Cold-rolled steel is durable
  • Up to 240 lbs limit only though
  • Displays calorie and step counter

It’s an all aerobic training for the climbing machine. Although the equipment does not have any LCD screens, you rely solely on your push and breathing to know you’ve gone far. Find out more about this machine if you want to incorporate aerobics in your exercises.

OrangeA Vertical Climber

The relatively new climber can support weight up to 350 pounds. While other climbers mentioned here can only support body weight below 300 pounds, this climber is best suited for those who are quite heavy.

Rateim 2 in 1 Folding Vertical Climber

  • Supports the weight of people up to more than 350 lbs
  • Aerobic fitness workouts

  • Also ideal for high-intensity workouts

Maxi Climber

  • Can’t support weight more than 240 pounds
  • Targets all muscles with its cardio benefit exercise
  • Perfect for beginners and advanced fitness enthusiast

While many people feel left out and dismayed over some products because of their weight limit, Orange A welcomes any body type and weight to get it on. See the product for more information.

Our Verdict

For people who wants to start working out and gradually increases their fitness level, the maxi climber is the best equipment for that. Also, it also gives you more results than running on a treadmill or biking (especially since most people are converting their bikes to electric) if done in an hour. The maxi climber targets all of your core muscles in just one workout.

​Just be careful with working over the top on a slippery surface, though there has not any account of a maxi climber falling off on its user, just don’t be the first one. Anyway, it's built quite solid and stable for you to trust your weight, which is supposedly below 240 pounds for you to use the equipment.

Anyone of any age is welcome to try and work out in a climber. It helps your posture keep in place and supports your lower body in case of pain. So, for people who want to exercise and get visible results, the maxi climber is the equipment to have. Our maxi climber reviews attest to that statement.

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