5 Amazing Chest Exercises For Pectus Excavatum

It is extremely important to exercise properly for pectus excavatum. Otherwise, you will get poor upper body strength with bad posture. Today, we will discuss the best chest exercises for pectus excavatum.

​Basically, the pectus excavatum exercises focus on core chest muscles. Most of the exercises neglect back muscle. As a result, the condition becomes unbearable for you. Because of not doing the exercises properly, you might face pectus excavatum deformity too.

In order to overcome the problem, you may need a surgery. If you do pectus excavatum exercises properly, you can easily overcome the situation. Don’t worry if your doctor suggests you a surgery. You can follow our top 5 exercises and get relief of the pain.

Best Chest Exercises For Pectus Excavatum 

​#1 Incline Push Ups

This is one of the best chest exercises for pectus excavatum in our list. This exercise will help you to fix pectus excavatum within a short time. However, this is also important to do the exercise properly.

​When you will do the incline push ups, it will help to activate your core muscles. Moreover, this will stretch the chest muscles properly. In addition, it will sternum the chest muscles in a right way. As a result, it will leave a positive impact to your pectus excavatum.

​The workout also helps to rush blood to the back muscles. As a result, your kyphosis condition improves dramatically. So, this will give you a good relief from pectus excavatum problem.

Do Incline Push Ups & Normalize the Chest Area

​If your chest area is not normal, incline push ups can help you. The exercise will grow your muscles within a short time. However, you need to do the exercise regularly. You can make a time plan before going to bed and after waking up.

​You can also use a stretch band for improving your chest muscle. The stretch band is not mandatory but they work well. So, you will get more resistance to improve your chest condition.

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#2 Pull Ups

Pull-ups are one of the most important and popular forms of body exercise. This is also a good exercise for recovering pectus excavatum. If you do pull ups in a right way, your upper back musculature improves rapidly. In addition, this will strengthen your back and improve posture.

​This is important to perform pull ups appropriately as a part of pectus excavatum exercise. You need to grab the pull bar properly. You need to squeeze shoulder blades when you reach the top of the bar.

You need to return to the starting position slowly and straightly. Many people do not return to the starting point straightly. As a result, you may not improve your posture.

​Don’t grab the pull ups bar half or uncomfortably. You need to grab the bar properly and fully. Otherwise, you might feel pain after doing pull ups. 5 pull ups at morning and night would be a great start for your pectus excavatum.

Pull Ups To Strength Upper Body Strength

​Pull ups help to strength the upper body. Basically, the exercise involves core muscles of the upper body and chest. As a result, this will improve your upper body strength.

​When you are squeezing to up and down holding the pull ups bar, it improves your posture. However, you need to remain straight forward and downward in order to improve the posture.

#3 Dumbbell Pullover

It is another chest exercise for pectus excavatum. The exercise helps to strengthen your chest muscle and fix pectus excavatum in a short time. This is a beginner level exercise and does not need much effort.

You need to even weight bench for the exercise. You can also lay down on the floor. You also need a pillow under your shoulder. The pillow will help to create pressure out the sternum. So, it will give a positive result for fixing the pectus excavatum.

​You need two even weight dumbbells for the workout. You can buy a pair of dumbbells. Make sure the weight is even and perfect for you. You should feel comfortable holding them. If you do not do a workout with dumbbells, you should prefer lightweight dumbbells only.

​Now hold the dumbbells over your chest bending your elbows. Then, lower the dumbbells slowly and take a big breath. Then, return to the starting point but do not straight your elbows with the dumbbells.

​You can do the workout three times per week. 4 to 5 sets per time is enough to fix your pectus excavatum slowly. You can increase the weight after some weeks. Choosing the adjustable weight dumbbells is a good idea to get benefits.

Dumbbell Pullover Can Fix Your Upper Body Posture

If your upper body posture is not good, you can try dumbbell pullover. This is a good chest exercise to strength your upper body and hand muscles. After doing the workout for three to four weeks, you will feel a change in your upper body posture.

Note: You need to do the workout lying on an even surface. You can prefer both floor or weight bench. You need to lay down straight without bending any part of the body.

#4 Bench Press

This is one of the effective pectus excavatum exercises for your upper body. It involves triceps, shoulders and chests to improve. This is easy to do exercise for mass muscle building. It will strength your upper body and give you a perfect look.

​In order to do the workout, you need medium size dumbbells or barbell. The weight of the dumbbell and barbell depends on your capacity. The grip handle should be comfortable for you.

​You need to lay down on the weight bench or floor straight. Then, you need to hold the dumbbells or barbell over your chest. Keep your hands straight above the chest. Then, slowly down your hands until the dumbbells or barbell touch the chest.

Take a pause, and return to your normal position. You do not need to continue the exercise regularly. You can do it three times in a week. However, you can increase the sets of a workout after one or two weeks. 

Bench Press For Filling Gap On Chest

The exercise can help you to fill the gap on the chest in a short period of time. The exercise includes the entire chest muscle. So, the workout has a positive impact on mass muscle and body building.

If you follow the right steps, you can fill the gap on the chest arising from pectus excavatum exercises. When doing the workout, you should not take heavy dumbbells more than the capacity. Moderate weight is recommended for the mass bodybuilding workout.

#5 Dips Bar Exercise

This is another effective pectus excavatum exercise. This is not a popular form of exercise for a beginner. If you are in the battle against pectus excavatum, this exercise is suitable for you.

​This is easy to do exercise. Basically, you will need dip bars for the exercise. In this case, you need to do it in right angle. Different angle focuses on different muscles of your body.

​If you positioned straight 90-degree angle, it will target your chest muscles. If you want to target your triceps muscles, you do not need to keep 90-degree angle.

Dip For Middle Chest Area

​Do you want to work for middle chest area? Then, this is an easy workout for the area. Take the dip bar for the workout time. You need to set the bars properly so that they remain stable.

​You need to remain straight in order to focus on the middle chest area. You can give 15 minutes workout per day. Slowly, the workout will improve your chest area and fix pectus excavatum.


We have discussed the top 5 chest exercise for pectus excavation. You can do the workout every week to get the benefits. In order to fix your pectus excavatum deformity, you need to follow the basic principles of the workout. Otherwise, you can’t fix the problem at all.

Many of the physicians and personal trainer prefer weightlifting as a part of fixing pectus excavation. However, our methods will improve your chest and body development. You can follow our ways to do a workout in a right way. Then, you will get the benefits and improve your upper body with right posture.​

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5 Amazing Chest Exercises For Pectus Excavatum

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