The 8 Best Leg Workouts With Dumbbells And Barbells

Training leg muscles is an important part of a workout. Leg exercise enhances the body stability and flexibility. Moreover, this is an easy workout to grow your leg muscles. Leg exercises with dumbbells and barbells are one of the simplest ways to build your leg muscles. In fact, using dumbbells for leg exercise helps to grow your muscles and body strength very quickly.

On the other hand, leg training and workout should not be over intensive. Otherwise, this can lead you to an over-exhausted condition in a short time. In this case, leg exercises with dumbbells are a good solution. This is easy and simple for any beginner level person. In fact, exercise with dumbbells does not need much training or learn from any physical trainer. You can learn it from anywhere and try it at home.

Top Leg Exercises with Dumbbells and barbells

If you would love to leg exercise at home, you can try several workouts. We are introducing the best 8 leg exercises with dumbbells and barbells that will help to increase leg strength, stability, flexibility, balance, and grow muscles.

#1 Stationary-Lunge

This is another workout related to lunge style. This workout also needs a pair of dumbbells to complete. First of all, you will need to pick one dumbbell in each of your hand. Then, take your one foot to the front and another to the rare style.

Then, bend your knee to the 90-degree position. Your palm also needs to be placed facing each other. Otherwise, you might not get any benefit or would catch injury in a short time.

Stop for a while and then, back to your standing position again and continue for your available time. Through the entire time, you need to keep your back straight to get a good result. Otherwise, this may cause back pain too!​

Stationary-Lunge Promotes your Functional Activity

Do you want to improve your functional exercise capability? Then, stationary lunge exercise is the best solution. This helps to improve your lower body exercise very much.

However, this exercise does not directly link with your functional improvement. Still, this is a good start to improving your performance. This exercise will improve your movements naturally if you do it regularly.

The exercise also helps to improve your walking style and boost the performance. As a result, you will have a better functional power to do lower body exercise.

#2 Toe Raise

Are you a beginner dumbbells and barbells trainee? Then, you can start with leg exercise like toe rise because this is a simple to learn and easy to perform.

Take your pair of dumbbells in your hands and stand up properly. You should not bend your back while doing the workout. You need to keep your legs close to each other and make your palms facing each other.

​You need to use your toes and rise up for a while and then, return to your normal standing position. Repeat this movement for several minutes and this will improve your leg strength incredibly.

Toe Raise improves your ankle & balance

The movement will make your calves stronger and increase control. This also strengthens the muscle for a long time running. In short, this workout will improve your ankle strength and give control over ankle plantar flexion.

​As it improves your ankle strength, it also increases your stability and body balance. It will increase your lower legs strength, and helps to do more activity. So, you will have more power, stability, and balance to stand on one leg.

#3 Stiff-Legged DeadLift

Generally, you need low weight dumbbells for this kind of workout. Take one dumbbell in each of your hands. Then, bend your hip until your hand dumbbells reach to your knees. Then, return to your standing position. You need to repeat the process for several times.

Stiff-Legged DeadLift Promotes Hamstring muscles

​If you are looking for a hamstring improvement workout, then, this is the best workout you can ever do. This leg exercise with dumbbells can improve the muscles of your thighs back.

​It will improve the muscles; strengthen them to flex your knee. As a result, this is a great contribution to your leg muscles. However, this will take time to increase the strength and grow of the thigh muscles

#4 Dumbbell Swing Through

This is a bit hard leg exercise with dumbbells and not recommended for the beginners. You need to have leg opening stability before you try to exercise.

​First, you need to open your legs for some distance. Then, reach between the legs gap holding dumbbells in your hand. Don’t bend your back while you are bending your knees to reach the position.

​That’s it! The hardest part is to have the capability and functional capacity of widening your legs

​Dumbbell Swing through Helps to Burn Calories

This is a different kind of exercise that helps to enhance your balance capacity as well as strength your leg muscles. This involves a group of muscles. As a result, it helps to increase calories burning capability to the highest level. In addition, this also promotes balancing your body especially hands as you are holding heavy dumbbells.

#5 Goblet Squat

This is also one of the effective leg exercises with dumbbells that you can try at home. The heavy dumbbell is recommended for this type of workout. You will need one dumbbell hold vertically at one of the ends with two hands. Widen your shoulder and go down without bending your back. Then, stand up again after pausing for a while. Repeat the process for several times, 20 times is recommended for a beginner.

Goblet Squat reduces injury risk

Many of the beginners face injury while doing the workout with dumbbells at home. The major reason is due to having weak ligament and tissue problem. As the workout helps to strengthen the major areas instead of using them, you do not have any risk of injury. In fact, you would remain safe with the workout style. It also promotes vertical jumping.​

#6 Clean

Take the barbell from the ground. To take the bar, you need to bend your knees. Keep your head straight and pull the bar up and carry it to your shoulders. Then, take some time and return the barbell to the ground again. Don’t worry when you are doing the workout. Otherwise, it might hurt you too!

Leg Exercise with Barbells for Butt & Back Support

If you continue to do the workout, this will help to make a great shape for you lower back, shoulder and butt. This does not need much time daily. Normally, 20-25 times a day can be enough for you!​

#7 Squats with Barbell

You can also squat for leg exercise with barbells too! Take your barbell bar on your shoulder and bend your knees until your thigh is parallel to the ground. Then, return to normal position again. Through the process, you need to keep your heat straight.

Squats with Barbell Boosts Vertical Jump

If you want to improve your vertical leap and hip extension strength, you can do squats with barbell. It helps to increase your power as well as decreases the chance of injury. Normally, the workout helps the athletics specially the people who play football, volleyball, basket and other games.​


#8 Step up

This is a simple workout with barbell for the beginners. You need a stable bench for this workout. Place the bench in front of you when you are doing the workout.

Take the barbell on your neck on the top of your shoulders and keep one leg on the bench. Then, slowly step up on the bench and take a pause for a while. Then, return to your normal position. Repeat the process several times and keep your back straight when doing the workout.

Helps to Increase Leg Power

The workout helps to increase leg power and muscles. The barbell workout is also beneficial for lower body strength. The more you do the workout, the more your vertical jump capability will improve.


Most of the professional trainer prefers to recommend workout with dumbbells at home. If you don’t like to go the gym regularly, you can do any of the leg exercises with dumbbells and barbells at home. #1 and #7 workout will bring the best result that you are looking for.

Don’t forget to share your experience after following our rules. Moreover, you can watch out the videos for a better understanding of the workout styles. Feel free to ask a question and share another leg exercise with dumbbells or barbells through the comment box!​

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