Do Pull Ups Help Increase Height? 3 Tips That Can Help You!

Are you seriously thinking about becoming taller? Then, pull ups can boost your will because pull ups help to increase height. But, how do pull ups help increase height? Today, we will discuss the logic working behind the scene.

Pull ups are one of the best exercises to do at home. There are many ways to do pull ups. Earlier, we know pull ups can work for abs. this is also functioning for increasing your height. So, be with us and know how pull ups help to increase height.​

How do you do a pull-up correctly?

Pull ups is an important fitness exercise for a person. For getting any positive benefit from the exercise, you need to do it in a proper way. Otherwise, this can’t give you any benefit you are expecting.

For example, you can’t grow height if you are not doing pull ups regularly and properly. There are certain things to follow to do it in a proper way.

You need to stand under the chin-up bar to do pull ups. Then, you need to hold the handles properly.

Don’t force your thumbs to hold the bar. You should feel comfortable grasping the bar.

The bar should be high enough to grasp it by jumping. Your legs should not touch the floor. Crossing the legs when performing pull-ups is a good idea to get extra benefits. 

This style will also help to workout your core muscles, giving you those sexy abs like our model in the picture to the right!

The starting pull-up position, thumbs can be above or below the bar

Now, start bending your elbows to go upward. You should resist the body from swinging in the bar. Try to be straight upward and downward holding the bar. When you reach upward, you should take a pause and slowly return to the starting position.

Pullup end position - try to raise your head above the bar if possible

Why Do Pull Ups Help Increase Height?

Pull ups do not work directly for increasing your height. In fact, this helps to improve your posture. As a result, this helps to look you taller than before.

​Basically, pull ups involve your upper body muscles including back, arm, chest, and abs. the muscles will improve your body posture to the maximum level. Moreover, they will strength your core muscles.

​When you have strong core muscles, your upper body will always remain well-balanced and aligned. Therefore, you will no longer feel uncomfortable or bend standing. Your back muscle will always support your body to align properly to stand. As a result, you will look taller than before.

Important Tips To Do Pull Ups For Growing Taller

You should follow some addition tips when doing pull ups for growing taller. The tips will help you to do pull ups safely. Make sure you are not catching any injury.

  • You should not do pull ups more than 5 times at the beginning level
  • You should increase 1 or 2 times after one week
  • You should take a pause when you reach upward
  • You should not jump to hold the pull ups bar
  • This is important to give focus on pull ups

Although the tips are for basic pull ups, you need to follow them. Otherwise, your pull ups will not help you to improve posture. You should do pull ups for overall body improvement. Only focusing on growing taller will never make you tall.


3 Pull Ups Bars That Can Help To Increase Height

You will surely need a safe and secure pull ups bar for your workout. Otherwise, you need to go to a gym to do pull ups. There are many pull up bars available for the home. So, we have picked top 3 pull ups bar that can help you to increase height. You can read the reviews and select any of our recommended bars.

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

Do you want to do pull ups, pushups and chin ups? Then, this is an ideal workout bar for your upper body workout. You will get three grip position in the workout bar. Moreover, this is a narrow and wide design to fit anywhere.

You do not need any screws to install the workout bar. So, you can install the bar against your door or anywhere you want. It uses leverage to hold against any surface. This is a durable workout bar with a maximum weight limit up to 300 lbs.

Weider Power Tower

Do you have enough space in a home? Then, this power tower is perfect for your pull up and push up. This exercise station offers padded hand grips for comfortable workout time. Moreover, they will give you enough space to do the workout.

There is also a vertical knees station for knee workout. The sewn vinyl cushions design enhances the quality, durability and comfort level. In fact, this is an ideal workout station for your full body.

The real advantage of this system is you do not have to mount it, it can stand on its own two...or four.. legs 🙂

Maximiza Pull-up Bar - Doorway Pullup

This is another pull ups bar for the workout loving people. This pull ups bar will help you to build upper body strength. It will give boost your back, arms and shoulder muscles. The heavy duty chrome steel bar is safe and holds more than 300 lbs weight limit.

You will get multiple screw-in designs to install the doorway pull ups. You can adjust the bar from 26 inches to 36 inches. So, you can adjust the bar length that fits you. The non-slip foam grips will give you easy to do pull ups to increase your height.


By the time, you know how do pull ups help increase height. Pull ups not only helps to look taller but also gives strengthen your body. Therefore, you should do pull ups regularly so that you can get good posture.

​Moreover, we have also given you top 3 pull ups bar so that you can do it properly. The bars are comfortable, safe and perfect for pull ups workout. So, you can give time and improve your posture within a short time.

Do Pull Ups Help Increase Height? 3 Tips That Can Help You!




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