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home diy ballet barre

DIY Ballet Barres – Making One For Your Home Is Easy

Have you heard of barre workouts? Did you know you can easily do them at home? Well, people who are keen on these exercises state that they leave them feeling stronger, more energetic and more flexible. They also assert that they have seen significant changes in their cores and most importantly, sculpt of their booties!  With […]

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Pull Up And Chin Up

Pull Ups Vs Chin Ups – What Muscles Do They Work?

Calisthenics is a series of bodyweight exercises utilizing your own weight to build muscular power and endurance without supportive equipment. Some of the best calisthenic exercises you can do are pull ups and chin ups, two of three ultimate pull-up forms, but more about this later…

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Advanced Leg Workout

How To Do Advanced Leg Workout Without Weights

Let’s take a step back to examine the true definition of an amazing physique. The term ‘mirror muscles’ refers to various muscle groups on your body that are easily viewable with or without a mirror. These include biceps (of course), abdominals, shoulders, core and back muscles. While it’s very tempting to only focus on those above-the-belt […]

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Calisthenics Before And After

Calisthenics Before And After – What Are The Signs Of Improvement And Progress?

If you are into bodyweight training like I am, you probably have heard of calisthenic exercises and their ridiculous impacts at some point. They are, without a doubt, among the best forms of workout that you can do. Much of what constitutes CrossFit, boot camps, and obstacle training is basically calisthenics, only dressed up and marketed […]

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Front Lever Progression

How To Safely Advance Your Front Lever Progression

The front lever is an advanced gymnastic skill that strengthen your core and upper-body muscles with a strength hold. It is usually executed as a static hold or for repetitions from the hanging pose.The exercise will build up every single upper body muscle and some lower body’s as well, like the glutes. Being able to […]

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Bodyweight Chesk Workout

2 Unbelievably Simple Bodyweight Chest Workouts At Home

Are you just a normal guy with a dream. and is that dream to have a strong chest with well-shaped pectoral muscles that pop through your shirt. Welcome to the club!In order to achieve that goal, bench press and its variations are considered the best approach, for men and women alike.Personally, I would choose calisthenics […]

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How To Do A Planche

How To Do A Planche – The Fundamentals

If you are a fan of bodyweight exercises like myself, you probably have heard of the planche, which is among the most extraordinary forms of bodyweight training out there.The planche is categorised as an upper-level gymnastic move, where you use your hands to lift and hold your body parallel to the ground. It requires remarkable […]

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Bodyweight Tricep Exercise

6 Powerful Bodyweight Tricep Exercises (#5 Will Make You Scream)

If you ever want to build up your triceps or tone up your upper arms, then bodyweight tricep exercises are the way to go.​According to many fitness specialists, triceps consistently rank among the most frustrating body parts to build, especially for women.

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