5 Unbelievably Useful Pole Dancing Tips For Beginners

What is the very first thought that comes to your mind when you hear of pole dance? I bet most guys would picture a sexy dancer on a pole at some dimly-lit place (I know I did, so guilty).

In my opinion, the mainstream medias are to blamed for such misimpression. Some of you probably still remember the showgirl named Nomi in the ‘so bad it’s good’ movie Showgirls, which came out in 1995.

However, pole dance has come a long way ever since and became a recent training trend. Surprisingly, it’s not only popular for women, but for men as well.


Pole Dancing Men and Women

It’s not just about sensuality anymore. If it is available, I highly recommended going to a pole dancing live event to watch the professionals.

You will notice that there is a lot more to pole dancing than meets the eye; for example, the balanced emphasis on grace, strength and sensuality. Some performances are just outright hypnotizing.

Besides being a fun way to work out, you will be rewarded with really amazing bodies because of the core-centric nature of pole-dancing.

Nevertheless, don’t take pole dancing lightly because you’re in good shape; it’s unlike anything that you’ve done before. 


Here are five helpful tips for you to start learning the art of pole dancing properly.

The Many Different Benefits Of Pole Dancing

Before getting to the tips, these are some of the reasons why people all around the world are so passionate about pole dancing nowadays.

  • One thing for certain is this fantastic exercise works wonderfully to improve your strength, flexibility and muscle tone like nobody’s business.
  • As far as dancing concerns, pole dance is among the very fews that enhance your upper body.
  • Inner thighs and upper arms are two of the hardest-to-get-to areas on your body. Miraculously, pole dance works on both like a charm.
  • It is an amazing bodyweight exercise.
  • If done safely and correctly under professional instructions, pole dancing is a huge challenge and a big fun at the same time.

In case you’re intrigued but still hesitating about pole dancing, have a look at this article. You’ll find plenty of useful guidance for your first pole dancing class from reputable experts.

5 Pole Dancing Tips for Beginners

Tip #1: Choose Your Instructor Sensibly

As I mentioned earlier, pole dancing’s popularity have been growing steadily over the past few years. Classes and studios spring up everywhere to meet the demands as the consequence.

In fact, I’ve seen some classes took place at bizarre places such as a private club at closing hours and the back room of a pub.

Good instructor matters

Now, I’m not saying that the locations dictate the quality of the classes, but you can’t be too careful, right?

It is strongly advised that you pick your instructor mindfully. It is because pole dancing can be extremely dangerous under certain circumstances. Injuries are pretty common in pole dance; some can be fatal such as broken neck. Here is an example of what can go wrong while pole dancing.

Make sure that you understand the difference between a professional teacher and a professional dancer and choose accordingly. The ideal instructor is one with extensive anatomy and physiology training with sufficient training equipment that can keep you safe at all times.

For a start, you should check out reviews on Google and Yelps (if available) for more information on a specific class before going to one.

You can read more about this specific topic on this page.

Tip #2: Prepare Yourself

In general, pole dancing provides resistance training and cardio in one powerful full-body workout. You’ll need to be able to handle your whole bodyweight for the exercises; and it is an unbelievable demonstration of strength.

However, it’s a long way from here and you should be prepared, both physically but also mentally from the very beginning.

One thing for certain is you will get bruised, many times. On top of that, you will feel extreme pain in your whole body, especially your arms after the first few lessons. It’s completely normal for pole dancing.

Naturally, the pain will recede gradually if you keep practicing (once again, under supervision with good guidances). And before long you will notice how pole dancing change your body.

On the other hand, you should also prepare to deal with stereotypes, which are not completely removed from the public’s understanding. The key to solve this problem is to build your mental fortitude and back it up with strong determination.

Tip #3: Dress Appropriately

Remember, pole dancing does not require you to take off any clothes for training. The nearly-negligible bikini is used only by the professional dancers; casual workout clothes that expose your arms and legs are more than good enough.

Dress Appropriately

Try to minimize the amount of clothing though, because certain tricks require exposed skin to grip onto the pole.

Booty shorts, sports bra or any types of tank top and patent leather stilettos (pairs of heel) are well-recommended items for pole dance. As weird as it may sound, the heels help you stay on the pole when climbing; also, bonus point for looking sexy.

  • However, heels are more suitable for experienced dancers.

It’s really just down to personal preference; some people feel more comfortable with bare feet, which offer better foot grips, while others stick to ordinary sneakers.

Tip #4: Take One Step At A Time

Begin Slowly

This can be applied to just about every new exercise, but it absolutely is a must for pole dancing. There are many variations to one single move; for example, an alternative hand grip or a slight difference legs pose. Simply master the basics before going for the challenging ones.

Try not to compare yourself with other people in the class. Your physical appearance has nothing to do with your ability to learn. You can feel either good, bad, or sexy, or even awkward around the pole; and that’s fine too.

Competition is good, but don’t let it keep you away from other people in the class. Regardless of who they are, you share the passion for pole dance, and now you are at the same starting point.

If you feel a little intimidating at the first lesson, talking to other people can bring you closer and help you calm your nerves too.

Learn Together

Everybody can learn pole dance, some faster than the others, and it’s just how things are. What matters at the end of the day is to enjoy the learning process.

Tip #5: Avoid Using Skin Moisturizers Before Practicing

In fact, you should keep these products away at least a day or two in advance. 

The lotion greatly reduces your grip when practicing and leaves the pole slippery after you’re done.

You will usually have to share a pole with other people in the class. The oils and grease on the pole can cause slips and slides, which affect your performance and can be very dangerous as well.

Trust me, you don’t want to end up in one of these videos:

  • Remember to wipe down the surface of a pole before going onto one.


Pole dancing tips

So these are the five tips to help you prepare for your first pole dancing lesson.

It is a very challenging yet rewarding form of bodyweight workout that women (and men) should definitely try.

Surprisingly, it’s claimed that men’s natural upper body strength makes them more suitable for the sport than women. In fact, the number of male pole dancer increases steadily every year.

Some are even pushing for pole dance to be a part of the Olympic. Therefore, now is a good time for you to join the fun.

I hope that this give you comfort with pole dancing lessons. Keep up the good work!

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