7 Effective Neck Elongation Exercises You Should Do

Most of the people suffer from neck tension. Headache and fatigue are the most common signs of neck pain. Stretching to the elongate neck can be a simple solution. Doing neck elongation exercises is very easy for any person. The exercises will help you to strengthen your neck tissues and muscles. If you can do the elongation exercise properly, you can align neck with your spine in a few days.

However, you need to choose the best exercise for neck elongation. There are many exercises that cannot help you for elongating your neck. Therefore, we will provide you the best exercise that you can do for your neck! Of course, you will get a good result from the exercise.

Neck Elongation Exercises You Should Do

#Exercise-1: Chin Tucks and Head Lifts

This is one of the simplest neck elongation exercises that you can try. This is a beginner level exercise to stretching your neck. You can do the exercise in several ways.

Firstly, you can do the exercise from seated position. You need to pull your head back by tucking chin. Then, wait for few seconds on that position and return to normal posture.

Secondly, you can also do the exercise from a lying position. You need to do the same for your neck like you did for seated position. However, you need to tuck chin for few seconds after you feel the stretch in your back.

Thirdly, you can try the exercise by standing in front of the wall too! You need to keep a short distance from the wall; approximately 3-4 inches will be enough. Then, pull the head back by tucking the chin straight back. Hold for 4 to 5 seconds in order to do the exercise.

Chin Tucks and Head Lifts Helps to strength neck muscles

Chin tucks and head lifts will help you to strength your muscles and tissues of the neck. Moreover, they will stretch the neck muscles properly to feel better.

The exercise boosts your neck strength and helps to back into proper alignment with shoulders. Moreover, you will get upper back chronic problem relief from the exercise.

#Exercise-2: Turtle Movements

Turtle movement exercise is a slow neck elongation exercise. You can do it in both seat and stand position. First of all, you need to move your head forward and lift the chin. Make sure that your lift chin remains parallel to the ground. Then, try to lengthen your neck.

Then, hold for some seconds and return to the starting position. When returning to the starting position, move chin to your neck. Then, return to your starting position again. You can do it 4 times in a day to tighten your muscles.

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Turtle Movements Stretches neck muscle

The workout can help you to strength neck muscles and ligaments quickly. When you are doing the workout, it involves the neck tissues and bones. As a result, the muscles will get extra power to strengthen properly.

However, there is also a risk of neck strain when doing the exercise. In order to avoid the injury, you should not stop or pause the movement in the middle of the exercise.

#Exercise-3: Roll

Head roll is another effective exercise for neck stretch and elongation. Because of a wide range of motion, it can give you neck a good stretching support.

Firstly, you need to down your chin to the breastbone. Then, you need to follow the clockwise rotation. Rotate your head according to the way of a clock to get the motion. When you reach the right side, you need to take a deep breath.

When your head passes the left shoulder, you need to breathe out. When you are doing the exercise, you should be careful to avoid contacting with the shoulder.

This is important to do the workout slowly. Otherwise, this can damage your spinal cord too! Moreover, you should avoid to this neck exercise if you have a spine problem.

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Rolls Prevents Headaches

The workout helps to prevent headaches and gives you relaxation time. As it involves the nerves and blood vessels, it reduces the chances of headaches. Therefore, you can get relief from neck pain as well as headaches because of the workout.

#Exercise-4: A Roll Up

Roll up is another neck elongation workout for strengthening muscles. Lie down with bending the knees. Make sure that your hip is parallel to the feet.

Now take a towel and roll up a towel. Place the wedge towel between throat and chin. Then, you need to press the towel on your chin. Try to extending your back neck for 5 seconds and return to your position. This can relax your neck muscles.

A Roll up Workout Reduces Neck Pain

A roll up workout helps to reduce neck pain. Basically, this helps to heal the neck soft tissues. The workout once a day can heal your neck.

#Exercise-5: Side Neck Stretch

Side neck stretch can improve your condition. First of all, you will need to relax the shoulders properly. Then, you need to tilt head towards the shoulder.

You can also use your hands for pulling the head towards the shoulder gently. But, you should not push the head in a rush. Otherwise, this can lead to a neck injury.

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Side Neck Stretch Lengthen The Neck Muscles

Side neck stretch helps to lengthen the neck muscles properly. Normally, this maintains your neck length properly. The exercise helps to exercise the neck muscles and ligaments. Practicing the side neck every day improves your tissue and muscles.

#Exercise-6: Lying Face down Plate Neck Resistance

This is a beginner level neck exercise that you can try. You will need a flat bench for lying down. You need to lie down straight on the bench and keep your head aside of the bench.

Make sure that your shoulders are slightly at the end of the bench. This will give you a better chance to improve neck condition.

Now take a deep breath and lower your head. After some seconds, return to your main position and breathe out. Repeat the process several times once a day.

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Lying Face Down Plate Neck Improves Body Relaxation

The exercise will give you a semi-circular motion to your neck. As a result, it will strengthen your neck muscles and tissues. It involves the neck ligament and muscles. So, the exercise will give you a relaxation feeling.

#Exercise-7: Lying Face Up Plate Neck Exercise

The exercise is almost same to the previous neck workout. But, this time, you will need to lie on the flat bench and pull your head up. Take a flat and stable bench for the exercise.

You need to lie on the bench such a way that your shoulders are at the end of the bench. Then, take the plate and place it back on your head. You need to slowly lower your head back and then take a deep breath.

Then, you need to move up your head securing the plate on your back. Make sure that you are not rushing the movements. You can repeat the process for several times to get the good result.

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Lying Face Up Plate Neck Exercise Strengthen Your Neck Muscles

The neck exercise is very effective for improving neck muscles strength. By doing the exercise, you can tight your neck muscles and increase power. Moreover, this is also beneficial for chest and shoulder.


These are the top 7 neck elongation exercises that you can do regularly. The exercises do not take a long time to do. Moreover, this will relax the neck muscles, tissues and ligaments. The exercises will help you to lengthen your neck by improving your neck tissues and muscles. You should not do hurry to complete the exercises. Otherwise, this can also lead you to serious neck pain.

Do you have any question related to the exercise? Then, you can ask any question through the comment box. You are also most welcome to share any neck elongation exercise that is not mentioned in our article!

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