Cellucor’s Alpha Amino Acid Review – How and When to Take It

Do you have some questions about Alpha Amino; is it any good, when should you take it, and how does it help you in the gym?

I had similar questions when I first bought it and I figured I'd share the info I came across!

Amino Acids such as Alpha Amino and other similar supplements are crucial to any person who is taking his workout seriously. These supplements are designed with muscle recovery in mind and knowing when to take it is quite important.

Here is my official statement, for those looking for a quick answer to the question: What is Alpha Amino and when should you take it?

Alpha Amino is a post-workout dietary supplement, and therefore should be taken after your workout, preferably within an hour after leaving the gym. Since Alpha Amino contains a BCAA stack, as well as amino acids, it will help you recover faster and improve muscle atrophy.

What Do You Need To Know About Alpha Amino?

Manufactured by Cellucor, Alpha Amino is a flavored powder that dissolves easily in water, and you drink it after your workout. It can broadly be described as an dietary supplement, but that is too broad of a term. 

Let's take a closer look at the ingredients.

alpha amino acid

Icy blue Razz is my favorite, but you can click the picture or read further down to see the other six flavors

alpha amino ingredients

For a start, the phosphates in the top rows are not of real importance to us, so we can skip those. They provide a very small amount of the recommended daily value you should be consuming, so no need to stress about that.

More importantly, it has your standard BCAA triple stack of L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine, known as the three musketeers in bodybuilding circles. I like the serving of 5000 mg here, a good amount which will saturate your bodies BCAA needs without upsetting your stomach.

Then we move on the Amino Acid Complex, the most important ingredient in this powdered post-workout recovery drink. It includes the 11 amino acids that help replenish your body.

What I like the most here is that generous helping of L-Glutamine. The most important ingredient in my opinion, as I am a big proponent of L-Glutamine supplementation. This study done by Examine will sell you if you are not taking L-Glutamine already. 

To explain things further rather than building muscle mass, alpha amino helps your body recover. Hence, it helps you improve your overall performance for the next day.

​Finally, since it talks about electrolytes, it’s obvious that Alpha Amino focuses on the rehydration of your body. A dehydrated body is one of the leading causes of fatigue which could cause poor performance.

Remember, it’s good to push yourself to the limits, but it’s also important to take care of your body. Alpha Amino helps you with that.

When Should You Take Alpha Amino?

Just as we mentioned earlier, the Alpha Amino is a sports drink which can also act as a dietary supplement. However, unlike your usual sports drink like Gatorade or Powerade, Alpha Amino comes in powdered form.

This is why you should take it shortly after your workout. During your workout, your bodies natural amino acids are depleted, and supplementing to restock these amino acids can lead to a faster recovery.

The way that I take Alpha Amino is I mix it with water beforehand and bring it with me to the gym. This way I can take it directly after your workout.

But then again, when is the right time to take Alpha Amino?​

Technically, there is nothing wrong with taking Alpha Amino before your workout, but this is sub-optimal, at least according tomy understanding of how amino acids work. If you are looking for a pre-workout supplement, then I suggest you take a look at our detailed review of the best pre-workout supplements for any workout.

Etiher way, supplementing with Amino Acids help your body have healthy fluid balance, fuel skeletal muscles and preserve muscle glycogen stores.

Another thing you should keep in mind is that taking it in between or right before a workout might give you digestion issues if you have a sensitive stomach, which would lead to more discomfort than gain. 

Would I Recommend Alpha Amino?

In short, yes.

The Alpha Amino complex provided by Cellucor is an excellent dietary supplement and energy drink especially if you take it as a post-workout recovery drink. It is also a good substitute for your traditional sports drink.

My only complaint is that it can get a bit lumpy, especially if stored in a damp place, but honestly, you are dissolving it in water anyways so who cares?

You can buy it here on Amazon.com.

Just like your typical sports drink, it also has a variety of six flavors for you to choose from. I prefer the Icy Blue Razz, but you can select from the following six flavors, (user reviews from bodybuilding.com.)

Alpha Amino Flavors

Fruit Punch - Rated at 8.7
Grape  - Rated at 8.6
Icy Blue Razz - Rated at 9.1 * My favorite *
Lemon Lime - Rated at 8.7
Pink Lemonade - Rated at 8.7
Watermelon - Rated at 8.8

Remember that it can only do so much. Do not take it just by itself. At the end of the day, you will still be needing a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle to accompany your hard work in the gym.

In the end, nothing beats a good meal after a workout!

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