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Which Pre-Workout Supplement Is The Best For Cardio?

If you want to be fit and healthy, you are aware of the incredible benefits of cardio exercises. You can use the workout routine to increase your heart rate for at least 30 minutes.

You can do this up to three times per week to boost your general health and stamina, help manage various health conditions, and burn calories. A cardio workout can enhance the efficiency and function of your lungs and heart.


​Selecting the right type of pre-workout is hard to do because there are many pre-workout supplements available on the market today. Fortunately, we are going to help you choose the best pre-workout for cardio and other intense exercises. These supplements will help you boost your stamina and energy for a blasting cardio workout.

3 Tips For Buying A Pre-Workout Supplement

Caffeine In Your Pre-Workout Supplement

For most people, they want caffeine in their supplements. Then there are some whot cannot tolerate stimulants, if this is you then caffiene pills may not be the choice for you. That’s when you’ll need stimulant-free pre-workout supplements. 

If you are OK with a few cups of coffee through the day, then you may wonder how much caffeine you can really handle?

Most medical journals present 400 mg of caffeine per day as a safe dosage, but remember to include those cups of coffee you drank before. A shot espresso has around 40 mg of caffeine.

It is ideal always to check how much caffeine a pre-workout has per serving. If you drink a cup of coffee every morning without having palpitations, then you can handle it well. 

However, if you are sensitive to caffeine, especially if you have allergies to it, then you have to be wary of taking it. I'd suggest you try and begin by using only a half dose of the suggested stimulant supplement. Then, you may increase the dosage once you feel comfortable with it.

Creatine Content

A lot of athletes, gym-goers, and weightlifters seem to be confused about the use of creatine on their workouts. But, the fact here is that creatine displays your performance for high-intensity workouts, physical training, especially weight lifting, and other intense activities. But, whether or not it helps you decrease the intensity of cardio exercises, the rest is still unknown. However, one thing’s for sure, a lot of active people are still using creatine.

​But, you have a couple of factors to consider before using creatine. Here are some:

​Ask yourself: are you using supplements with creatine? If yes, then you have to be very careful not to go over the suggested dose per day. It will usually be 3 to 5 grams a day. If no, then you still have a wide-range of selection. But, you can still try creatine supplements. Then, take 3 to 5 grams per day.

A lot of pre-workout drinks have around 1 gram each scoop. So, in some cases, it is safe to take. However, there are a few of these supplements that may make a 3 to 5-gram per serving per scoop. Most of the most active people want the full 5 grams per serving of creatine. That way, you do not have to buy a creatine separately.

Tingling Sensation You Feel After Drinking Pre-Workouts

If you have already tried taking a pre-workout supplement before, then you may have experienced the feeling. Some of the ingredients found in pre-workout supplements may cause a tingling or itchy sensation on your skin. How it takes effect may vary from one person to another. Some people do not even feel the excitement. Others may feel a bit of itchiness, which may not bother anyone at all.

​Also, some may think that it is just a way where the supplement takes effect. But, for some individuals, the sensation is uncomfortable and bothersome. In fact, even after working out and resting, they may feel distracted and bothered. That’s why some people are not fond of drinking supplements. Fortunately, various pre-workout supplements will not cause tingling sensation or itchiness.

The Advantages Of Taking Pre-Workout Supplements Before A Cardio Workout

Here are two of the primary benefits you can reap by using pre-workout supplements before your cardio exercise:

Boosts Your Motivation And Energy

It is one of the most important things to consider, especially if you are working on your cardio exercises. Also, it is true that pre-workout supplements do not make your workouts any less strenuous and painful. But, there are some days that you just need that extra push. There are other days that you require more energy and motivation too.

Enhances The Performance Of Your Body

There is no doubt that a lot of people use pre-workouts because they want to improve their performance. If you are one of those included in the list, you may want to consider getting a stimulant-free supplement. But, make sure that it still enhances your performance while training or exercising. Not only that it will make your muscles work longer and harder, but it will also help your muscles recover faster. It is true that no pain no gain. But, why endure the suffering and pain when you can recover and heal quicker, right?

5 Best Pre-Workout Supplements For Cardio Workout

When you bear these ideas in mind, we have compiled a list of the best pre-workouts you can take before your cardio exercises:

#1 Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre-Workout

ON’s Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre-workout can stimulate your energy reserves for optimum focus, support, and performance. That way, you can reach at the top of the exercise routine. Moreover, you can push through your next sets and stay strong all throughout your reps. Also, by using this product, you can assure of more muscle gains.

The advanced formula of Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard will raise the bar. Also, it contains substances from free ingredients like natural caffeine for boosted alertness, focus, and energy. Plus, it contains all of the premium quality ingredients like Beta-Alanine that supports your difficult training.​


  • It does not contain banned substances. So, you can assure of pure and natural ingredients.
  • Unlike any other, it gets me going and it allows me to last longer in the gym.
  • Also, the product tastes good and does not leave any residue.


  • It contains too much caffeine. Sometimes, it makes me jittery, especially on an empty stomach.

#2 Legion Pulse Pre-Workout Supplement

It is one of the most efficient supplements that includes anhydrous caffeine, citrulline, ornithine, etc. Moreover, the product is a well-known NO2 booster. So, you will achieve a great pump all throughout your workouts. The Beta-Alanine content can also boost your performance and endurance.

Also, the Legion Plus contains all natural ingredients suitable for both men and women. So, it does not have any harmful stimulants and no harsh contents.


  • I have been using this supplement for a while now. I can say that I love its all natural ingredients.
  • Moreover, it is a great pre-workout in the morning and late at night because it gives you the pump you’ll need.
  • The flavor may be intense. But, it does not leave any aftertaste.
  • Also, the product is worth its cost.


  • What I do not like about this pre-workout is that it gives me tingling sensation. For me, it makes me feel uncomfortable at times.

#3 Alpha Gx7 Pre-Workout

The Alpha Gx7 is one of the most efficient and powerful pre-workout powder available on the market today. It comes with a total of 1500 mg of Citrulline and Beta Alanine for energy-boosting effect. That way, you can enjoy your best performances when working out. It also drives your energy, strength, and focus. The core ingredients of this pre-workout supplement can let you experience faster and longer gains. In fact, it helps you break off plateaus and will enable you to lift heavy weights.

Also, it has a fat-burning effect and can fuel your body before you start your cardio exercises. It has well-researched ingredients without unnecessary additives and junks. Also, its powder is of high-quality content that will dissolve faster.


  • The Alpha Gx7 is among my top 3 choices for pre-workout supplements. Not only that it is efficient, but it also contains premium ingredients right for our bodies.
  • Moreover, the pump caused by this pre-workout is perfect, and it won’t cause me any jitters at all.
  • The product shines among others because it boosts my energy, focus, endurance, and strength. That way, I last longer when I work out, especially with my high-intensity exercises.


  • During my first try of this product, I remembered the pins and needles feeling. But, after a few more tries it suddenly disappeared. But, for quite some time, it got me worried.

#4 Nutrex Research Outlift Pre-Workout Supplement

The Nutrex Outlift Pre-Workout is a complete supplement, containing 10 of the most efficient ingredients for enhanced workouts. Also, the scientifically proven contents offer your body the booster it needs for lasting reps and sets. The formula of the Nutrex Outlift Pre-workout are of high-quality. So, you will receive the best in every scoop of Nutrex.

The Nutrex Outlift Pre-Workout is a complete supplement, containing 10 of the most efficient ingredients for enhanced workouts. Also, the scientifically proven contents offer your body the booster it needs for lasting reps and sets. The formula of the Nutrex Outlift Pre-workout are of high-quality. So, you will receive the best in every scoop of Nutrex.


  • For me, it is an incredibly strong pre-workout supplement.
  • Also, it is very cost-effective, especially for people following a strict budget for pre-workouts.
  • It contains high-quality ingredients that will increase your endurance and performance. So, the Nutrex Outlift ensures that last all throughout the reps and sets.


  • At times, it makes my face tingly.
  • Also, it contains way too much caffeine. I prefer a pre-workout with less of the ingredient.

#5 Vintage Blast Pre-Workout Supplement

The Vintage Blast is an all natural pre-workout supplement that will increase your energy, strength, and pumps. It is the first of its kind to produce a two-stage pre-workout, which has a design to offer the best ingredients possible.

Moreover, it contains only the most premium ingredients. For both men and women wanting results, but not dependency, this is the right product for you. Also, Vintage Blast does not contain any banned chemicals and substances.


  • The Vintage Blast tastes good. Plus, it gives me enough energy to work out.
  • Also, it makes me finish my exercise routines in the right duration without any jitters and other side effects.
  • Then, it gives me the motivation I need to get through my cardio and other exercises.


  • A downfall of this product is its cost. For me, it is a bit pricey compared to other pre-workout supplements.


Taking a pre-workout supplement is an excellent way to get more energized, motivated, and reliable to get through your workout routine. However, a lot of people get overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the best ones for you, especially for cardio exercises. Luckily, we have found one of the most efficient pre-workout supplement ever produced on the market today.

And that is the none other than the Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre-Workout Supplement. Not only that it is very affordable, but it also increases your focus, endurance, strength, and size. So, if you are looking for the best supplement, then this one is right for you!

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Best of luck in the gym!

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