Parabody Leg Press – Make Leg Gains Easy

A leg press machine can be very beneficial, or a waste of time, and this all depends on how you use it. It’s a common sight in gyms. Usually, it’s used to enhance your legs through intense, targeted workouts.

Getting assistance from a machine makes everything more convenient. The traditional way of strengthening your legs or enlarging its muscles can be quite time-consuming. Squats and deadlifts with a barbell can be difficult since you require correct form and often times the assistance of a gym buddy to spot you.

However, a machine like the parabody leg press makes “leg day” less daunting and tedious.

​Before we discuss the ways to use a leg press machine, you must first use a model to help guide you. There are different leg press machines out there, and all have different features.

​Choosing one machine will guide you consistently on what you can do with the machine. Also, knowing its features will give you an idea on how you can maximize it to its full potential.

For this article, we look at the Parabody leg press machine and how to incorporate it into your leg workouts.

​The Parabody leg press is a heavy duty machine that is perfect for long-term use. It’s not common to have such a large equipment at home, but you can buy it if you’re not conscious about the space.

​Moreover, its durability is top-notch because of its silver-tone coated steel. The upholstery of this fitness machine is leather which gives you comfort when using.

#1 Parabody Leg Press - A Heavyweight Machine

The Parabody is up there with the other brands when it comes to high-quality specs.

​One of the best traits of this machine is its versatility coupled with its power. It’s a great machine that has a lot of heavy-duty components.

The Parabody leg press is designed to minimize torsional flex. As a result, this enhances your stability and strength when working out. With this feature, you can use it with the peace of mind that you’re safe from any malfunctions of this machine.​

​The pads of this machine are double-stitched making it ultra-tough. It’s a testament to its DuraFirm feature that the Parabody boasts. Furthermore, the back and shoulder pads of this product have 4” in thickness. It’s well-contoured to support your shoulders and back without much inconvenience or discomfort.

#2 Functionality Of Parabody Leg Press

The functionality of the Parabody leg press is another thing to list as to why it’s a great option if you’re looking for a leg press machine.

​The quad track roller is one of the most prominent features of the Parabody leg press. It’s designed to target and strengthen your quad while distributing balanced force. The system operates smoothly, and the weight is balanced.

To further create stability when using this product, its foot platform is also top-notch. The platform features an extra-heavy gauge diamond platform. The platform is not only designed for leg press exercises, but it’s also great of hack squat positions.

​Furthermore, there are three lockout positions with this machine. It makes the leg press all the more safe and convenient.

#3 Parabody Leg Press - Effective For Quad Development

The Parabody leg press belongs to the 45-degree type of gym machines. This is also more known as the sled leg press. You’ll need to sit on the reclined seat that this machine has to use it. After this, you simply lift your legs and push it against the foot platform. This platform is guided by the body of the machine along with the rails.

This, in particular, will focus on your quads, and help them develop very quickly. You can really stack the weight up and go much heavier than you would with a squat.

​It’s important for you to understand that some machines can be used for one leg only. The Parabody leg press machine does not have this feature. However, it is a plate-loaded machine. This means that you can shift weights to accommodate the intensity of your workout.

#4 Benefits Of Parabody Leg Press

● Improves The Size Of Your Leg Muscles

The Parabody leg press machine has its perks. Leg press machines, in general, can benefit your legs. However, we’re not going to trick you by saying it doesn’t have downsides.

​Since the workout is done through a machine, you don’t need to use your stabilizer muscles. To put it simply, stabilizer muscles are your major muscles that help you stay in form and balance.

​Enhancing your leg mass can be done the traditional way. Examples of these are lunges and different variations of squats. However, it requires tremendous consistency and form to work.

​The Parabody leg press helps you minimize these requirements. Instead, all you need to do is find a comfortable position that equally pressures your leg muscles as you push. Doing this does not only put immense force on your muscles, but it also balances the distribution much easier.

● Makes For A Good Alternative To Squats

The great part about leg press machines is that it strengthens your squat position in an easier way. Squats are traditionally done through a vertical torso position. However, the leg press uses an inclined angle.

​The inclined angle of your torso keeps you balanced. Furthermore, it significantly increases the force you exert on the weights. This is because of the angle where you need to push the platform away from you. Targeting your muscles through a traditional squat exercise is a lot harder. The reason for this is because you’re not pressured by the flooring.

● Convenient To Use

The Parabody leg press lets you train alone without much hazards around. Usually, leg presses such as the Parabody uses a guided movement of its foot platform.

​This lets you use the machine without worrying too much about its balance. After all, the guiding rails are designed to minimize the need for balancing.

● Minimizes Pain

With the possibility of injury, be sure to know your machine’s locking mechanism. The Parabody has three lockout positions to help you with this so read the manual carefully. But beyond that, one of the best ways to ensure safety is your workout.

We will further discuss later on how to utilize this machine at its best using different workouts. But fundamentally, try to have a consistent angle between your legs and your back. Also, avoid placing your knees in an overly acute angle.

​The leg press is an excellent machine that’s more efficient than traditional workouts. However, everything about its benefits can still be traced to proper form when working out.

● Versatility In Your Leg Workout

This is probably the best thing that the Parabody leg press gives. Versatility and power are the two main things to look for when devising your workout. Both of these traits are delivered well by the Parabody leg press’ function.

​We’ll give a few of the most intense workouts to do with the Parabody leg press. Surely, you’ll want a more intense workout given the nature of the leg press.

  • 3-second descent – Doing this method can add significant thickness to your legs. To do this, just have a partner that will count 1-2-3. Use the three full seconds to drive back up. Remember, form and discipline is key
  • Escalating leg press – Doing this workout requires a micro-stop for your reps. By micro-stop, it means that your partner will add a heavier plate for every stop you make. The usual pattern here is 4 reps, with the 4th rep being the part where you increase your plate.
  • Drop sets – One of the classics in workouts, the drop set is extremely taxing as well. Here, you push your plates at its heaviest (at least how heavy you can push). Ramp it up in sets of 4 while doing 8 reps. Afterward, drop the weight and do these twice. The ideal total here is 32 reps.
  • Quad Sweeps - This here utilizes the quad-enhancing feature that the Parabody has. Your stance for this workout is frog-style. In this method, you push your knees out while you lower the platform.
    “Blasting” is commonly used for quad sweeps. By that word, we mean that your leg press reps will have pauses to allow you to rest. Afterward, you blast back the weights upward with a lot of explosiveness. Ideally, having 15 reps is good, but 20 reps, of course, is even better and more of the standard.


Having a machine like the Parabody lets you work your lower body better than the traditional lunges and squats. It pushes your muscles to be more responsive to pressure, and it takes you out of your comfort zone. This is something that you don’t get by doing workouts without the help of a leg press machine.

​However, at the end of the day, it’s all up to your discipline. Remember, no matter how good the machinery is, everything still depends on how and how often you use it. You can use the machine as much as you want, but you still need to have good form to work your muscles. A good machine needs a smart and disciplined hard worker.

​So do you like this list? Do not hesitate to add anything and share the article with your buddy! Enjoy!

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