Why Do I Bench More Than I Squat? Reason & Solution!

Many guys I come across at my local gym ask me the following question, why doI bench more than I squat. I then spoke to some trainers, and they confirmed my suspicion, many guys are struggling with this problem. So I decided to write a post especially for you guys, who have strong chests, with chicken legs!

There are many reasons behind doing bench more than you squat.

Today, we will highlight the reasons and give you some suggestion to improve your squat limit. Therefore, you can trust on our words, solutions and follow the steps. Then, you can improve your squat limit comparing to the bench limit.

Reasons Of Your “Why Do I Bench More Than I Squat” Question

​There is some practical reason of not doing squat more than you can do bench press. Different fitness trainers highlight different reasons. However, we have analyzed various point of view to justify our answer. According to the experienced trainers, we have found three basic reasons.

#1 Your Squat Includes Your Body Weight

When you are lifting weight lying on the bench, you are moving your hands only. You do not need to move other parts of your body. As a result, bench press involves only the weight of the bar.

​However, when you are lifting weight squat, it involves your entire body movement. As a result, your body weight is also included on total weight limit. Therefore, you can’t lift more than you can do on a bench press. But, your body weight is not calculated when measuring the squat limit.

So, this is one of the reasons why you can’t cross bench press limit. You can increase the limit at a proportionate rate only. This is our number one reason for the limitation.​

#2 Bench Press Needs Little Body Movement

The squat is a good exercise for a beginner. It involves many body parts and strengthens your muscle. Therefore, most of the people also prefer to do squat. However, the weight limit is not too much comparing to the bench press.

Therefore, this is important to maintain a balance of the entire body for doing squat. Otherwise, you can’t increase the weight limit for squat. This is also the reason of low limit for squat. You need to have well-balanced and strengthen muscles for increased squat limit.​

#3 Losing Interest for Squats

Do you have real interest on doing the squat? Many people do not have any interest on squat. They just do because of getting health benefits. If you are one of them, you can not give full attention and focus on squat.

As a result, you can't improve squat as well as get any benefit from squatting. This is important to give full attention on each level and process of lifting a weight. As a result, you can improve your bench press but fall behind for doing squat.

Ways To Improve Your Squat Limit Comparing To Bench Press

There are certain ways to improve your squat limit comparing to the bench press workout. This is important to know that you can’t go higher than bench press. However, you can improve the weight limit at a proportional rate.

Squat Properly

This is important to do a squat properly. Otherwise, you deprive of not only getting health benefits but also can’t improve your squat maximum weight limit. You can watch the video below which shows how to do a barbell squat properly.

Tracking Your Squat Performance

You should track your squat performance to see the progress. I recommended to do squat 3 days per week. Moreover, the weight limit should increase slowly rather than rapidly.

You can take a workout notebook for seeing the progress. There are also many mobile app that can show you visual performance record.

Note: Tracking aim is to see your progress. It may not help you to increase squat but notify you when you should increase it. As a result, this will play a vital role in directing your squat limit per day.​

Some Accessories That Might Help To Improve Squat Limit

We would like to assist two important things for improving your squat limit than bench press. Basically, a good squat pad for barbell and a knee sleeve pair can give you good support.

Squat Pad

This is a standard size squat barbell pad. It comes with an ergonomic design for neck groove. As a result, you will feel comfortable when doing squat with barbells.

High quality rubberized memory foam sponge is used in the pad to provide comfort. When you will use the pad, your neck and shoulder will remain free from any type of pain or extra pressure​

Mava Sports Knee Wraps

Knee sleeves work better for squat and weight lifting workouts. This is an elastic knee sleeve pair and available in different colors. It's elastic fabric provides you super compression to your knees.

Moreover, it comes with 72-inch wrap design for providing you extra support. The knee sleeves are very tight and never slip. As a result, you will get support at the time of high-intensity lifting.​


Now you know why you can bench press more than squat. You can follow some of our suggestions to improve your squat limit. Otherwise, you can’t improve your limit for doing squat. In short, we are suggesting you follow:

  • Give your full attention
  • Do your squats properly
  • Maintain good body balance
  • Increase the limit slowly - progressive overload

Once you have mastered the squat, you should take a look at introducing front squats, or even hack squats to your workout. Have fun squatting!

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