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Best Ankle Braces

Best Ankle Braces for Running, Basketball or Volleyball Sprains

Among the most common -- and most debilitating and nagging -- kinds of injuries anybody has to deal with are those involving the ankle. If you're searching for an ankle brace you probably know this already.

When it's sprained, twisted, or just banged up, chances are it hurts like hell. A year ago I sprained my ankle playing soccer, and although minor, the swelling and pain was intense. Athletes -- and active people in general -- are especially susceptible to ankle problems, whether from running, jumping, or kicking a football incorrectly, which happens to be what happened to me!

And when that happens, you will probably end up looking for a sturdy ankle brace to alleviate some of the pain. Ankle braces can help avoid injuries such as sprained or twisted ankles, they keep the foot and ankle straight and supported.

These are not to be confused with other ankle gear come in many different configurations, from ankles sleeves made from stretchy neoprene, to ankle wraps made from fabric. These are designed to lower the risk of hurting your ankle, but are not strong enough to help you recover from an ankle injury.

Should you find yourself already suffering from an ankle injury, ankle braces, NOT ankle sleeves or wraps provide some stability and support as you recuperate. You may find yourself wearing one for several weeks to keep you from re-injuring yourself, especially as you try to stay active and mobile and wait for swelling to go down.

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Best Running Tights

Best Compression Tights and Leggings – For Running and Working Out

Although running tights aren’t as significant as your running shoes, they can be very useful. It’s up to you to choose whether you are more comfortable running in shorts or tights. But do know that there are also quite a lot of benefits from wearing running tights.

If you do choose to wear running tights, it’s important to take in important factors before buying one.

Today, we are featuring a buying guide on the best running tights to ensure your comfort and protection while running. After all, these two major factors are what will keep you going.

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Best Weight Lifting Belts

How to Choose the Best Weightlifting Belt – And are they suitable for Powerlifting?

Weightlifting is one of the go-to exercises for those who are looking to bulk up in the gym. However, lifting comes with various risks and may make you susceptible to injury if you’re not careful. Lifters should take extra precautions so that they won’t injure themselves.

In this article, we will be listing down a few products to help you find the best weightlifting belt. We will also weigh in some things for you to consider before getting one.

You'll find two chief sorts of belts: powerlifting belts and weightlifting belts.

We will be discussing two types of belts in this article: powerlifting belts and weightlifting belts.

Powerlifting belts are for men and women who often lift heavy in squats and deadlifts, aka powerlifting movements. Weightlifting belts are for men and women who do Olympic lifting (snatches and clean and jerks), typically found in CrossFit and bodybuilding.

Going with a belt that matches your type of training is important. So how does one tell the difference?

The most obvious feature that distinguishes the two types of belts is their width. A powerlifting belt is roughly four inches wide and is constant all around, even though a weightlifting belt typically offers a four inch-width for the back support part, but radically siphoned off at front.

Some weightlifting belts may also have additional padding in the rear, but as I have pointed out, the padding won't do much for rear protection.

In the weight room, the two main points to consider are safety and how heavy you’re planning lift. Those different widths are deliberate design choices. For powerlifting, you would want a larger surface area in the front for your core to push out against.

 For Olympic lifting, leather and suede options also work, but you might go to get a velcro-style belt, which some choose for its high mobility.

When you do this, you create intra-abdominal pressure to secure your spine under such heavy loads.

On the flip side, if your belt is too wide in front for the movements involved in lifts like squats, clean and press and deadlifts, it may impede you.

If you want to experiment in both powerlifting and weightlifting, I would suggest you go for a thicker, real leather, weightlifting belt. By going for the strongest type of weightlifting belt, you are able to do any type of lift with a decent amount of support for your core and spine.

powerlifting with belt
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Best Knee Sleeves For Squats

Should You Use Knee Sleeves for Squats? – We Review The Best 5 Options

Squats are some of the most common and basic workouts both for men and women. There are even a lot of variations to work the core, leg muscles, and glutes. However, the form is crucial. Today, we will be discussing knee sleeves, and we will be reviewing some of the best knee sleeves for squats you can try out there.

Some people think that the number repetitions is the most important aspect. But the doing the correct form is what makes a workout very effective. This is where knee sleeves for squats come into the picture.

Knee sleeves gives your joints the support they need to stay in place, and also helps blood circulation. This is all due to the compression  it it exerts on your knee.

Better blood circulation means less pain during squatting and faster recovery afterwards. Some thicker knee sleeves, and of course all knee wraps will also help you squat heavier by elastically wanting to return to its position of rest. Thereby helping you when you explode upward during squatting.

Product Name


Our Rating


#1 Knee Sleeves (1 Pair) Support & Compression for Weightlifting, Powerlifting & CrossFit

#1. Nodric Support and Compression Knee Sleeves

#2 Mava Knee Wraps (Pair)

#2. Mava Knee Wraps (Pair)

#3. iDofit Knee Sleeves Support & Compression for Weightlifting, Powerlifting

#3. iDofit Knee Sleeves Support & Compression for Weightlifting, Powerlifting

#4. Knee Sleeves ( 1 Pair w/ bag ) Best Orthopedic Knee Support & Pain Compression Brace

# 4. Primal Elite Knee Sleeves

#5 ProFitness Knee Sleeve Squat Support and Compression for Powerlifting

#5 ProFitness Knee Sleeve Squat Support and Compression for Powerlifting


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Best Power Rack

How To Select the Best Power Rack – A Detailed Review

Going to the gym can be quite hard to schedule for some of us. Sometimes, we’re too caught up in our work or family life that we don’t have enough time anymore to hit the gym. This is why starting a home gym can be a great idea for some of us with spacious homes.

One of the first equipment you should look into is a power rack. This piece of equipment can help you save to space with your plates as well as help you deadlift and squat. Today, we will find out the best power rack for you.

 Power racks are more commonly used by men at the gym because these are designed for power lifting heavy barbells. The purpose of this equipment is to enable you to deadlift, squat, or bench press hundreds of pounds of plates without needing a spotter.

Before using a power rack without help from an experienced person or expert, you should know how to perform the exercises that it caters to properly. So, if ever you do purchase a power rack for your home, below are our top suggestions.

Before we get into the detailed review. Let's look at some of the exercises you can do with a barbell and power rack at home.

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Best Ab Machine

How To Choose The Best Ab Machine For Your Ab Workout

If you’re planning on toning your muscles or improving your core, then an ab machine is a must. It’s a device that gives you positional versatility. You won’t normally get this by yourself. Doing solo sit-ups, push-ups, and crunches are good. But having an ab machine makes your life easier while being more efficient.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these machines, and what makes them tick.

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Best Recumbent Exercise Bike

Review of the 5 Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes

A recumbent exercise bike is a good choice for working out for individuals with a various degree of fitness. With their features, these bicycles provide you no or very little resistance whenever you start pedaling.

Most of the fitness instructors and health experts advise doing workout routines with recumbent bikes. These safe bicycles offer several benefits for men and women of all ages. All recumbent bikes are perfect for workout plans, which will allow you to enjoy your practice sessions extensively.

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Best Shoes For Jumping Rope

5 Best Shoes For Jumping Rope Users Want You To Seize

​"Some shoes can also be for running, some are not. Some are comfortable but some aren't as they meant to be.

After executing proper jumping rope techniques with various pairs of shoes, we've found that the Nike Men's Air Monarch IV (4E) Training Shoes is the best shoes for jumping rope."

Reveal: 5 Best Shoes For Jumping Rope

If you are looking for shoes with aerobic support, which means light-weight and extra padding and more balance and support, the Adidas Performance Men's Speed Trainer 2 Training Shoe is the right one for you.

For Reebok Men's R Crossfit Nano 5 Training Shoe, it’s more about being long-lasting. If you want to find a light shoe but is still highly flexible to use in your workout sessions or just jumping rope around, Reebok no doubt would be what you need.

For people who do light workouts and on easy floor surfaces, the Xero Shoes Prio Training Shoe should be the right one for you. Individuals who do on-the-spot exercises will greatly benefit from it.

The New Balance Men's MX608V4 Training Shoe is a good shoe for indoors or light exercises. Jumping ropes can still be done using these shoe line. However, if you want to change and further improve your jumping regimen, you’ll need other shoes for it.

And last but not least, the Nike Men's Air Monarch IV (4E) Training Shoe is for people who wanted a comfortable shoe that delivers real shock-absorbent feats and arch support. It is a combination of everything you need to look for in a pair of shoes for jumping and running: longevity, balance, support, extra padding.

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Best Adjustable Weight Bench

Best Adjustable Weight Bench – Top 5 That Are Guaranteed By All

Looking for the best adjustable weight bench? Fitness buffs spill on what features to search for, their faves and raves, and what's best for you.

You go to the gym and look for the best adjustable weight bench in sight, but there’s none. You panicked a little, wondering how to do those chest presses and dips you asked yourself to do last Wednesday.

The person on the bench you are staring at doesn’t seem to have reached his third set yet. His trainer has asked him to do 20 reps of pullovers, presses and leg raises.

So, you opted to buy one for yourself because it’s that important.

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