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Do Squats Make You Shorter

Truth Or Myth: Do Squats Make You Shorter?

IntroductionDoes weightlifting make a person short? Do squats make you shorter? Should you encourage children and young adults who are still growing to lift weight?​Weightlifting is an extreme workout routine that gym instructors incorporate in physical education classes for kids and young adults. The reason for this is the strong perception that weightlifting, particularly squats, […]

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Parabody Leg Press

Parabody Leg Press – Make Leg Gains Easy

A leg press machine can be very beneficial, or a waste of time, and this all depends on how you use it. It’s a common sight in gyms. Usually, it’s used to enhance your legs through intense, targeted workouts.Getting assistance from a machine makes everything more convenient. The traditional way of strengthening your legs or […]

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how to get rid of hip dips

How To Get Rid Of Your Hip Dips With These Easy Steps

Hip dips are a natural occurrence in the human body. Although it’s natural, some people, especially women, are not fond of it.​One of the common reasons why people want to get rid of their hip dip is because of its looks. Hip dips can be too deep sometimes and may be disturbing to see for […]

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Why Do I Bench More Than I Squat? Reason & Solution!

Many guys I come across at my local gym ask me the following question, why doI bench more than I squat. I then spoke to some trainers, and they confirmed my suspicion, many guys are struggling with this problem. So I decided to write a post especially for you guys, who have strong chests, with […]

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5 Amazing Chest Exercises For Pectus Excavatum

This is important to exercise properly for pectus excavatum. Otherwise, you will get poor upper body strength with bad posture. Today, we will discuss the best chest exercises for pectus excavatum.​Basically, the pectus excavatum exercises focus on core chest muscles. Most of the exercises neglect back muscle. As a result, the condition becomes unbearable for […]

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how do pull-ups increase height?

Do Pull Ups Help Increase Height? 3 Tips That Can Help You!

Are you seriously thinking about becoming taller? Then, pull ups can boost your will because pull ups help to increase height. But, how do pull ups help increase height? Today, we will discuss the logic working behind the scene.Pull ups are one of the best exercises to do at home. There are many ways to […]

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How To Treat Forearm Tendonitis Quickly and Effectively?

Forearm tendonitis sucks big time. It hurts, not just when you lift or exercise, but also when you do everyday tasks, even something as basic as typing or moving the mouse on your computer. Pain, swelling, and redness of the forearm are the most commonsymptoms of the condition. If you have these, then you’ve come […]

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Are Sit-ups Or Crunches More Effective?

So you started a new workout, and you may be asking yourself, are sit-ups or crunches more effective? There are many popular exercises for the abs, but the most popular are crunches and sit-ups. When it comes to these two exercises, you don’t get a better workout then crunches and sit-ups. They both work differently […]

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7 Effective Neck Elongation Exercises You Should Do

Most of the people suffer from neck tension. Headache and fatigue are the most common signs of neck pain. Stretching to the elongate neck can be a simple solution. Doing neck elongation exercises is very easy for any person. The exercises will help you to strengthen your neck tissues and muscles. If you can do […]

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What Part Of The Abs Do Sit-ups Work?

Sit-ups have always been the abdominal muscle exercise go-to for many years because they are very effective. But you might be asking yourself, what part of the abs do sit-ups work? Is it an overall ab workout or does it just focus on one area of the stomach?There is no doubt about it, sit-ups do […]

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