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How to get a jiggly ass

How To Get A Jiggly Butt – Make Your Booty Loose and Soft

What do celebrities like Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, J-Lo and Nicky Minaj have in common. Here's a hint, it ain't talent, except for Beyonce who can actually sing 🙂 It's their soft and round booties that drive the men crazy.

While most women with big butts can thank genetics, or surgery in the case of Nicky is still possible to accentuate your backside through diet, supplements, and exercise. 

So, here are some practical stepsfor getting a soft and squishy butt.

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What Does Cottage Cheese Taste Like_

What Does Cottage Cheese Taste Like? How does it compare to Ricotta?

Milk’s leap toward immortality” is a label many cheese connoisseurs and foodies would use on cheese. Like wine from fermented grapes, the product of fermented milk and its incredible variety has much loved the world over. One such type of cheese is cottage cheese that is under the category of fresh cheeses.

Often, it’s the most popular things that cause great divides between people. Cottage cheese is no exception. Many people swear by the richness, versatility, and health benefits of this fresh white cheese. Meanwhile, it completely repulses others.

So, what does cottage cheese taste like and what makes it such a polarizing food? Read on!

Read more: 5 Of The Best Pre-Workout For Cardio And High-Intensity Exercises

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How long does Testosterone stay in system

How Long Does Testosterone Stay In Your System: What You Should Know

Do you know what testosterone is? It is a hormone secreted by the testes, which is a part of the male body. However, you can see this hormone in lower levels among females.

​With that, you can also call testosterone as a male sex hormone. Moreover, testosterone is also a drug or medication that you can administer into the system. You can do it intramuscularly, transdermally, or subcutaneously.

​In men, it can be given off by the testes, which you can find in their scrotum. It is a primary hormone among men, but the ovaries of women also secret low quantities of testosterone.

​But, you need to know that this particular hormone in men has a half-life, which depends on the type of testosterone. So, the question is how long does testosterone stay in your system? Read on to find out more about this hormone.

Different Types Of Testosterone And Their Half-Life

How Long Does Testosterone Stay In Your System: All You Need To Know

Here are the various kinds of testosterone and their longevity:

Testosterone Propionate

Among all sorts of this hormone, testosterone propionate has the shortest life span. In fact, its longevity lasts up to 2 to 3 days. So, your body can remove the tiniest traces of this hormone, and it will no longer become present in your system for 11 to 16 ½ days.

​You can administer and introduce this hormone to your body via the means of injecting it. So, knowing that it only lasts for a while, you have to inject it every other day for efficiency.

​Today, you can use this hormone as an anabolic steroid, especially for weightlifters and bodybuilders. Also, you can treat testosterone propionate for deficiency of the male hormone.

​You need to remember that propionate is an additive responsible for testosterone’s life span. It usually lasts up to 2 to 3 days on an average. However, it may still last for four days at its peak longevity.

Testosterone Enanthate

It may not be the longest lasting type, but this testosterone can last for a long time. But, compared to testosterone propionate, testosterone enanthate can last approximately at 10 ½ days.

That way, this hormone has an advantage. You do not have to inject this type of hormone as often as you have to with the previous kind.

As with other forms of testosterone, it will also give you strength and facilitate the growth and development of muscles. Also, bodybuilders usually use testosterone propionate.​

Testosterone Cypionate

The third type and the testosterone with the longest half-life are the testosterone cypionate. The reason behind its longevity is that the chain of this hormone comes with eight carbon atoms.

​It is greater than the two other testosterone mentioned above. Also, it stays in the fatty tissues via your intramuscular injections.

​The way this kind of testosterone works is that it releases the hormone at the peak of 24 to 48 hours. Then, it goes to its average level for 12 days, with the longevity that lasts around three weeks or 21 days.

​Unlike other testosterone mentioned previously, you do not have to give it every other day. You need just to administer it once every week. So, it is least painful and cost-efficient route to go when you want an injectable testosterone.

Factors Influencing Longevity Of Testosterone

When it comes to the half-life, there are a few factors you need to know. These include:

Features Of Your Body

Although documents are supporting the lifespan of testosterone, you need to remember that it will still depend on the chemistry of your body. With that, other people’s testosterone will last shorter or longer than the half-life suggested.

​Some of the features that may impact your testosterone longevity are age, body mass, plasma proteins, dietary intake, metabolism, renal and hepatic function. Once the ranges change, there’s a chance that it can influence the absorption rate and full life span of the hormone.


Aside from biological features, one of the factors that affect the half-life of testosterone is the dosage. It plays a vital role in dealing with the lifespan of this hormone and how long it can remain in your body.

The more you inject testosterone into your system, the longer it can stay.

​But, you may administer some of these types on a day-to-day basis. On the other hand, you may inject the other sorts every other day. For hormones with longer life spans, you may give it once in each week.

Type Of Administration

While the intravenous route is often the method most people prefer, you still have seven other ways to inject testosterone. Here are some ways you can give this hormone:


How Long Does Testosterone Stay In Your System: All You Need To Know

While this is a choice that would fit those people who have a phobia of needles, selecting this route may mean that you can absorb less testosterone. Also, the hormone may also be disregarded faster in your system.


How Long Does Testosterone Stay In Your System: All You Need To Know

It is a method of administering testosterone in the way of patches. You can just stick or tape it on your skin. Also, this is one way you will not feel much pain when you want to inject this hormone. However, the half-life is a downfall because it can only last up to 1 hour and 18 minutes.

Injecting In Muscles

How Long Does Testosterone Stay In Your System: All You Need To Know

The entire durations indicated above are from injectable testosterone. It may be painful. However, it is such an excellent way to give testosterone because its lifespan may be longer than the other forms of testosterone.


By now, you may have realized how tricky your hormones, especially your testosterone. A little imbalance may cause a few health effects and changes. A far safer alternative to start off with would be to use a mass builder, like Serious Mass, to gain weight and muscle more naturally.

However, if you are low on testosterone, or you feel that your levels have dropped in recent years, this is normal. You can expect that your T-level may decrease as you get older. In fact, that’s the reason why a lot of athletes and bodybuilders inject testosterone in their systems.

​Thus, it is crucial that you know the type of testosterone and the half-life of each. That way, you won’t ever come to the point of overdosing the hormone. Also, by doing so, you won’t ever experience low levels of testosterone.



What Height Is Considered Tall For A Man And A Woman?

What Height Is Considered Tall for a Man and a Woman?

What Height Is Considered Tall For A Man And A Woman?

You are towering almost all of your friends. Sometimes you even feel guilty that you are blocking the people from behind you, especially in concerts and movies. When you are new to an environment, everyone will stare at you and state, “You are so tall!”

But, you seem confused about whether you consider yourself tall or not.

What height is considered tall for a man and what height is considered tall for a woman? To end the confusion, here is what we’ve found to be the bracket height for tall men and females.

What height is considered tall for a man?

 According to data from this NHANES study, the average height of a man is around 176 cm (5’9″ ft ). By that metric, 186 cm ( 6’2” ft) can be considered as a tall man. Only roughly 5% of women are taller than 186 cm (6’2″ ft). 

What height is considered tall for a woman?

According to data from the same NHANES study, the average height of a woman is around 164 cm (5’5″ ft ). By that metric, 177 cm ( 5’10” ft) can be considered as a tall woman. Only roughly 5% of women are taller than 177 cm (5’10” ft). 

 Tall height for woman

How To Know If You Are A Tall Man Or Woman?

Here’s the list of things to take note to determine if you are tall:

Notice If You Are Taller Than Most People You Know

If you are standing next to a group of people, especially your friends, you often tower over them. Then, you are tall. You may also assess some photos of you and your friends and see if you are higher than the rest of your friends. Everything You Need To Know: What Height Is Considered Tall For Man And Woman?Still , it depends on who you hang out with, especially if you are friends with volleyball or basketball players.

Observe If You Have Difficulties In Looking For Clothes

If you always have a hard time searching for clothes that fit you, especially your pants, then there is a tendency that you are tall. They may be too short to fit your legs. Also, you may even hear your parents or significant others complaining how they have to sew them all over again.

Plus, you may also find it challenging to find shirts that do not become crop tops when you wear them. In the case of shorts, if you are tall, then you may find it difficult to look for shorts that cover your knees. If a dress code entails that you have to get shorts that are long enough, then it is impossible for you to keep up unless you fix them.

Does everyone ask if you are a Basketball Player?

Everything You Need To Know: What Height Is Considered Tall For Man And Woman?

If you are new to a place, everyone may ask if you are a belong to the basketball or volleyball team. In fact, others may think that you are a model. But, this may tend to be annoying if you don’t play these sports and doesn’t model at all. People would assume things based on your looks, but those shouldn’t disappoint you anyway. Just don’t be a fool and try to do heavy squats to make you shorter, I even had to write a whole post to debunk this myth

Observe If You Hit Puberty Earlier Than The Other Kids

In general, boys reach puberty between the ages 9 to 15, while the girls hit puberty in the ages of 8 to 13. It means that you are most probably taller than other kids with the standard height at the age of 11. Also, you are growing faster than a lot of your friends.

If you are still in the middle of your puberty stage and a lot of your friends are not there yet, you do not have to worry much. In a year or two, some of your friends will also develop and grow tall if they hit puberty. But still, if you notice that you are still taller than them when you reach that point, then consider yourself tall.

Notice If You Can’t Ever Blend With The Crowd Of People

If you are in a group or a room full of people, your friends and family will always spot you easily because they can see you from afar. Then, you do not have to doubt yourself: you are tall! They can see you in the crowd because you are towering over the people and you stand out quickly. There is nothing wrong with that, right?

Know If You Tower Over Most Of The People With The Same Age

In some high school or middle school dances, you may be taller than your partner. Some girls find it too awkward to be taller than their prom dates. But, you need not discouraged. There is a good chance that they will grow taller when they come of age.

What Height Is Considered Tall For A Man?

Everything You Need To Know: What Height Is Considered Tall For Man And Woman?

You can check the latest official data made available on the United States height statistics at the site of the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They based the data on the CDC National Center for Health Statistics, National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey or NHANES.

They have concluded that males in the U.S., 20 years and above in all ethnicity or age groups that are 6’2” or 72 inches tall belongs to the 95th percentile. It means that 5% of males 20 years and over are tall with the height of 6’2”. If this makes you feel short, then you are in luck, as there are ways to increase your height which we discuss in this article!

What Height Is Considered Tall A For Woman?

Everything You Need To Know: What Height Is Considered Tall For Man And Woman?

In some cases, people view the height 5’5” as the average height for a woman. Then, they think 5’9” or 175 cms as the height for tall women. But, why is this so? It is because this is the benchmark for female models. It may seem like a standard height for women, but one study points out that only 5 percent of women have the height of 5’9” or above.

And in the survey above, they have also found out that females in the U.S., which is 20 years and above with all ethnicity and race groups have 68.1 inches height or 5’8”. It covers the 95th percentile, which means that 5 percent of women 20 years and over are tall with the height of 5’8”.


Some women think they are short even when they are already tall enough. Other men may even consider themselves tall when in fact they do not belong to the average height of males. So, to make things straight once at for all, we have provided the data above to show you when you can consider yourself tall.

But, take note that tall or not, male or female, you should not view yourself as just that aspect. Height is just one part of you. Don’t even allow this factor to control your life. Always remember: be yourself and be confident.





Upside Down Ring Pull Ups

How To Do Ring Pull Ups – Including Upside Down Pull Ups!

We all know how fascinating it is to see models and actors sculpt their bodies within a few weeks’ time. But aside from their minimalistic diet, they intensify things by working out rigorously. With the help of specific workout regimens and trainers, they target specific parts of their body. 

Today, we will be talking about important things you need to know on upside down pull ups and the benefits of doing them. It would be a lot easier for you to appreciate a particular workout routine if you knew what they are for.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Rings Instead Of A Bar For Pull Ups?

1. Builds Stronger Grip

Ring chin-ups are a excellent way to enhance grip strength. Unlike the standard chin up or pull-up, when you use a ring you are swinging on a mobile point of contact. This then forces the hands and forearms to genuinely engage your grip to stabilize the body.

In addition to steadying the body, the ring chin-up can increase the range of movement of our pull on peak of the lift. This is awesome since a greater range of movement means greater muscle activation.

Ring Pull or Chin Up

2. Improves Shoulder Health

It's not unusual to find lifters who suffer from some kind of shoulder issue. A normal chin-up or pull-up can aggravate any nagging injury due to the restricted range of motion. Impingement for lifters is normally generated from a prior injury, tight muscles (resulting from poor form during lifts), or perhaps just wear and tear on the joint over years of use.

The ring chin-up allows you to move your body over a greater range of motion than you can accomplish with a normal bar. During the pull rings the shoulders can adapt to make it comfortable by changing the width where they pull.

3. Exerts Less Stress On Your Joints

To elaborate on point number two, ring chin-ups may also provide relief to the elbow joint. Heavy lifting over a lifetime can render the elbows with levels of tendonitis.

The increase in range of motion rings supply allow the elbows to move more freely. This allows the arms to move and rotate during the pull part, relieving stress our hinge-style joints in our arms.

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How long does pre-workout last in your system

How Long Does Pre-Workout Last In Your System: This Is What You Need To Know

If you are using pre-workout supplements, you may be wondering: how long does pre-workout last in your system? We, the answer to such question may be quite tricky.

​It will require experts that have truly observed the effects of the stimulants. Luckily, we’ve got this issue answered!

​Are you taking pre-workout supplements to improve your exercise performance? Have you ever observed that you could feel the effect for around two hours?

But, for some, the results may start to kick in for an hour. After a lot of research, we have finally unlocked the answer to this question, which we are going to discuss here.​

Pre-Workout Supplement Overview

How Long Does Pre Workout Last In Your System: This Is What You Need To Know

Pre-workout supplements are types of sports supplements that you have to use before any physical activity. You have to take these supplements to improve your performance for any athletic activity.

They may have some ingredients intended for the enhancement of recovery as well. The most common ingredients you can find in pre-workout supplements are caffeine, creatine, nitric oxide, and beta alanine.

​Creatine is a component that can raise your endurance when there is a depletion of oxygen in your cells in the muscles. Moreover, caffeine is for strength and energy boost. However, a lot of people cannot perform well with such stimulant.

​Nitric Oxide facilitates the increase of blood circulation rich in oxygen and nutrients. On the other hand, beta-alanine can help cushion your muscle tissues.

Benefits Of Pre-Workout Supplements

How Long Does Pre Workout Last In Your System: This Is What You Need To Know

For Muscle Gains

Pre-workout supplements may contain the amino acid compound, including the BCAA. Leucine, which is a form of BCCA, is the primary component for muscle build up. Also, it helps improve the muscle protein synthesis rate, which can result in more muscle gains.

Enhances Your Strength

Caffeine and creatine are some of the elements of pre-workouts that can facilitate power enhancement. In fact, experts claim that it can improve your speed, strength, and power.

​Additionally, caffeine may improve your muscle strength as it stimulates the beta-endorphin generation. It is a neurotransmitter classified to boost your tolerance against fatigue.

Boosts Your Endurance

Pre-workouts that have beta-alanine can help enhance your endurance to fight fatigue. Also, it can help you maintain an optimal condition while training or doing cardio.

​Along with creatine, it can be an excellent combination for people who want to break their plateau when training. Also, another combination to this supplement is organic salt malate and citrulline malate. These two elements improve your athletic performance as they decrease fatigue.​​doing cardio.

How Long Does Pre-Workout Supplements Last?

How Long Does Pre Workout Last In Your System: This Is What You Need To Know

According to experts, pre-workout supplements may last from one and a half hours to 2 and a half hours. Your supplement can last this long if you are healthy.

​Also, the result will be longer if you do not have any sensitivities and intolerance to any contents. But, the effects of these stimulants may last shorter if you are malnourished or dehydrated.

​You may not absorb your pre-workouts efficiently if you are obese because your body will work extremely to digest food. When you deprive yourself of sleep or when you overwork, you may diminish the absorption of the pre-workout supplements.

​If you have a high tolerance to other elements such as caffeine, then you may decrease the effect of the stimulant.

​Moreover, you are not allowed to drink alcohol when you are taking pre-workouts religiously. Some individuals may build a type of tolerance over time when you become receptive to the pre-workout supplements.

How Do You Know The Supplement Is Working

The effect of the supplements you take may come from the different ingredients found in the pre-workouts. The effects are observable because you can feel the boost of energy and focus after taking them.

​Then, this means that the product is working. Another great indication that the supplement is taking effect is when you feel a tingling sensation. You get the feeling is from beta alanine.

​In fact, some of these stimulants are well-known for making people feel the tingling sensation. It is somewhat a feeling of pins and needles in your skin. Also, it is slightly itchy.

​Some individuals, especially those who are beginners to using pre-workouts, may get scared at first when they feel the effect. Others may think this is a side effect of the product.

​You should remember that the results are safe and reasonable. The itching and the burning sensation is scientifically proven. You can even refer to this as the histamine response or acute paresthesia.

​You can feel these effects because beta alanine overly stimulates the nerve endings in your skin. These contents may be stimulating your skin greater than the standard rate. But, the feeling is temporary. It will only last up to 90 minutes.

Possible Side Effects Of Pre-Workout Supplements

Some pre-workout supplements, especially with caffeine, have a side effect of insomnia. So, you must make sure that you consume them at least eight hours before bedtime. Other ingredients will also cause itching, nausea, and vomiting.

If you feel negative reactions, you must stop taking the product. Creatine and caffeine have diuretic components so that you may experience a bit of dehydration. Thus, experts recommend that you consume more water to replenish your body.​

Helpful Tips When Taking Pre-Workout Supplements

How Long Does Pre Workout Last In Your System: This Is What You Need To Know
  • Do not draw in your pre-workouts. A lot of people will advise you that doing so may give fast results. However, there is no scientific proof to avail such advantage. Instead, you have to consume the supplement based on the recommendation found on the label.
  • Always follow the suggested dosage. You do not need to go higher or lower with the quantity of the product to attain more benefits. If you want to reap the optimum results, you need to use the products in cycles.
  • You should never combine a supplement containing caffeine with coffee, energy drinks, and other caffeinated beverages.


How long will the effect of the pre-workout supplement last? For people who do not have any medical underlying medical conditions, the product effect may last from one and a half hours.

​For other people, it may even take effect for two and a half hours. But still, there are a few factors that can decrease the effectivity of the product.

If you want our take on the best pre-workout supplements for cardio on the market, then read this guide.

​If you are undernourished, dehydrated, or fatigued, then it may reduce the length of effectiveness of the supplements.

One last reminder, you must also take the supplements before your training to improve your strength, muscle gains, and endurance. I


Cellucor’s Alpha Amino Acid Review – How and When to Take It

Do you have some questions about Alpha Amino; is it any good, when should you take it, and how does it help you in the gym?

I had similar questions when I first bought it and I figured I'd share the info I came across!

Amino Acids such as Alpha Amino and other similar supplements are crucial to any person who is taking his workout seriously. These supplements are designed with muscle recovery in mind and knowing when to take it is quite important.

Here is my official statement, for those looking for a quick answer to the question: What is Alpha Amino and when should you take it?

Alpha Amino is a post-workout dietary supplement, and therefore should be taken after your workout, preferably within an hour after leaving the gym. Since Alpha Amino contains a BCAA stack, as well as amino acids, it will help you recover faster and improve muscle atrophy.

What Do You Need To Know About Alpha Amino?

Manufactured by Cellucor, Alpha Amino is a flavored powder that dissolves easily in water, and you drink it after your workout. It can broadly be described as an dietary supplement, but that is too broad of a term. 

Let's take a closer look at the ingredients.

alpha amino acid

Icy blue Razz is my favorite, but you can click the picture or read further down to see the other six flavors

alpha amino ingredients

For a start, the phosphates in the top rows are not of real importance to us, so we can skip those. They provide a very small amount of the recommended daily value you should be consuming, so no need to stress about that.

More importantly, it has your standard BCAA triple stack of L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine, known as the three musketeers in bodybuilding circles. I like the serving of 5000 mg here, a good amount which will saturate your bodies BCAA needs without upsetting your stomach.

Then we move on the Amino Acid Complex, the most important ingredient in this powdered post-workout recovery drink. It includes the 11 amino acids that help replenish your body.

What I like the most here is that generous helping of L-Glutamine. The most important ingredient in my opinion, as I am a big proponent of L-Glutamine supplementation. This study done by Examine will sell you if you are not taking L-Glutamine already. 

To explain things further rather than building muscle mass, alpha amino helps your body recover. Hence, it helps you improve your overall performance for the next day.

​Finally, since it talks about electrolytes, it’s obvious that Alpha Amino focuses on the rehydration of your body. A dehydrated body is one of the leading causes of fatigue which could cause poor performance.

Remember, it’s good to push yourself to the limits, but it’s also important to take care of your body. Alpha Amino helps you with that.

When Should You Take Alpha Amino?

Just as we mentioned earlier, the Alpha Amino is a sports drink which can also act as a dietary supplement. However, unlike your usual sports drink like Gatorade or Powerade, Alpha Amino comes in powdered form.

This is why you should take it shortly after your workout. During your workout, your bodies natural amino acids are depleted, and supplementing to restock these amino acids can lead to a faster recovery.

The way that I take Alpha Amino is I mix it with water beforehand and bring it with me to the gym. This way I can take it directly after your workout.

But then again, when is the right time to take Alpha Amino?​

Technically, there is nothing wrong with taking Alpha Amino before your workout, but this is sub-optimal, at least according tomy understanding of how amino acids work. If you are looking for a pre-workout supplement, then I suggest you take a look at our detailed review of the best pre-workout supplements for any workout.

Etiher way, supplementing with Amino Acids help your body have healthy fluid balance, fuel skeletal muscles and preserve muscle glycogen stores.

When To Take Alpha Amino: What You Need To Know

Another thing you should keep in mind is that taking it in between or right before a workout might give you digestion issues if you have a sensitive stomach, which would lead to more discomfort than gain. 

Would I Recommend Alpha Amino?

In short, yes.

The Alpha Amino complex provided by Cellucor is an excellent dietary supplement and energy drink especially if you take it as a post-workout recovery drink. It is also a good substitute for your traditional sports drink.

My only complaint is that it can get a bit lumpy, especially if stored in a damp place, but honestly, you are dissolving it in water anyways so who cares?

You can buy it here on

Just like your typical sports drink, it also has a variety of six flavors for you to choose from. I prefer the Icy Blue Razz, but you can select from the following six flavors, (user reviews from

Alpha Amino Flavors

Fruit Punch - Rated at 8.7
Grape  - Rated at 8.6
Icy Blue Razz - Rated at 9.1 * My favorite *
Lemon Lime - Rated at 8.7
Pink Lemonade - Rated at 8.7
Watermelon - Rated at 8.8

Remember that it can only do so much. Do not take it just by itself. At the end of the day, you will still be needing a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle to accompany your hard work in the gym.

In the end, nothing beats a good meal after a workout!

before and after squats

What You Should Be Doing Before And After Squats

Squats mainly increase the strength of your legs’ muscles. It also enhances the mass and muscles around your butt, thighs, and calves.

It’s a great exercise that’s famous among women nowadays. A good reason for this is its convenience since it doesn’t need any equipment. However, heavy squats do need equipment since it’s a more harsh and intense exercise.

​With all that said, even the easiest form of squats still has its fair share of preparation. Like push-ups, it might look easy to do, but it’s challenging. If you throw yourself immediately and do squats, you might get into some trouble.

​Squats can potentially give you unnecessary strains and aches all over your body. You can also do squats and see no results. This is because you should know how to perform its motion correctly. That’s why you need to know what to do before and after squats.

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How To Do Dips At Home: 7 Easy Steps That You Should Try

Dips are one of the most popular exercises out there that you should try. However, it has its difficulty which is why people don’t try to do it often.

​It requires a tremendous amount of focus and endurance to balance yourself. Balancing is not only the problem, but you’ll also need to keep a good pace to see its effects.

​Still, dips is a very versatile exercise that you should always consider in your routine. It targets a lot of body parts which we will further explain later. Moreover, it’s one of those practical exercises that you can do at home and not spend a dollar on.

​That’s why we believe that learning how to do dips at home can be beneficial for you. This is true especially if you don’t have enough time to hit the gym every week or so!

What Are Dips?

Dips are exercises that allow your body to “dip” at a certain point. Afterward, you exert force upon your body to lift it up. This is where the contraction happens and where you gain muscles.

Traditionally, it requires you to lift your feet above the ground. Hence, it suspends your torso in mid-air while your legs, hands, and shoulders maintain you off the ground. This is why it’s a good exercise for your arms and shoulders.

​However, it’s important for you to understand that there are now different variations of dips. It all uses the same fundamentals, but it changes in form.

Benefits Of Dips

Any fitness instructor or training expert would recommend dips. This is because it’s a useful yet effective exercise. After all, dips use one of the simplest motions, yet it’s one of the most difficult ones to do.

​If you’re a beginner and have tried dips, you’ll know how hard it is to reach ten counts.With that said, the fundamental principle of training remains the same: the harder it is, the more gains you’ll have. Thus, the tougher your dips, the better the progress. Also, doing it frequently and adding it to your routine gives your muscles more pressure.

​Speaking of muscles, it’s important that you know what muscles are being worked here. For every exercise that you do, be sure to understand which muscle is being worked. That’s because if you’re not aware, you could potentially strain it and harm yourself.

For dips, the triceps, chest, and shoulders are the main muscles worked. The triceps are the first to receive pressure upon lifting your body. Afterward, when you’re about to dip your upper body, your shoulders and chest are at work.​

What You’ll Need

Dips are exercises that are easy to do at home. The main player for this workout is your arms and shoulders. Moreover, unlike other exercises, you don’t need any weights for this one.

​That’s because your upper body is the very source of weight that will be used to exert pressure on your muscles.That’s why you don’t need any fancy equipment for doing dips.

You’ll only need two items at most:

  • An exercise bench or any regular bench - This is where you’ll be supporting your body by gripping the base. Your hands will need a firm base that’s both wide and slightly elevated to make your dips effective.
    Avoid any wobbly furniture when finding a base. An exercise bench is ideal since it’s also a good investment if you’re planning to do more workouts in the future.
  • Footrest - The footrest will be used to add difficulty to your dips. It elevates your feet making your entire body lifted from the ground. Hence, more gravity acting against you!

How To Do Dips At Home

Doing dips was made famous by a machine dip or a bench dip. These are heavy duty types of equipment that you’ll often see at a large gym. It’s not an everyday gym equipment such as the treadmill, so even gyms have a hard time getting one.

After all, dips aren’t exercises that are considered as primary workouts. Instead, it’s a complimentary workout to supply your other routines.

​With that said, you would want to save money and just get yourself an alternative.

Step 1: Find Yourself A Sturdy Base

The first thing you should do is find yourself a good bench. Dips need a stable base to lift yourself off the ground, so the first factor that’s important is its sturdiness and stability.

One of the easiest things that you can find as a base in your house is your couch. If you want to look further, a strong chair is also good. However, the best thing to use here is a regular exercise bench.

​Unlike a dip bench or dip machine, exercise benches are a great investment. You can use it for a lot of other exercises, and it’s one of the must-buy items if you’re planning to workout long-term.

The other factors that you should note are the width and height. Whatever you’re using as your base, be sure that it meets these following requirements.​

  • The bench must be at least as wide as your shoulders. When doing dips, you’re going to spread both of your arms apart so be sure it’s wide enough. Having a base longer than your shoulders is preferable.
  • Your bench must be at least a few feet off the ground. The reason here is simple. You want as much lift as you can to see improvement in your workout. A low bench would not let you dip your body properly.

Step 2: Gripping Is Key

Your grip is the first important motion for this exercise. This will determine your endurance and the power of your upper body in lifting and dipping. Hence, grip your base firmly.

When gripping, make sure to grip the edge of the bench and not the surface. Do all of this while you’re still seated on your bench.

Step 3: Get Into Position

For this step, you’ll need to leave the bench and start sitting on “air.” That’s right; this will be the start of your form. To do this, just square your feet approximately shoulder-width apart.

After that, lift your butt off the bench and pretend that you’re sitting on a bench right in front of the actual one. Do this while your arms are firmly gripped and your shoulders squared.​

Step 4: Dip Yourself

Now it’s time to learn how to do this exercise. For this step, slowly dip yourself by lowering your body. When lowering your body, make sure your elbows are strictly pointing to your back.

​Doing dips with elbows pointing sideways from your body is wrong. This is because it reduces the pressure that it exerts on your triceps

​To add, make sure to keep your shoulders straight and your chin up when doing so. Also, keep your legs and knees straight. It is recommended that your feet should be crossed together while doing this.

For beginners, note that you should still feel and check how far you can dip your body. Try doing short dips first to warm up your joints. No need to rush. Remember, like any workout, the technique is what gets you results.​

Step 5: Lifting And Getting Back In Position

As you finish a dip, the next important step is to know how to properly lift your body. To effectively do this, straighten your arms and lift yourself up slowly. There’s no need to increase speeds for dips. Everything is all about bringing the pressure on your body slowly.

Take note that your shoulders are heavily at work during this stage. Make sure the shoulders are straight and firm. Avoid moving the shoulders at any angle or motion because it can lead to shoulder injuries. Always keep it aligned with your arms as you push. Also, if you feel any onset of forearm tendonitis, please consult your physician.

Step 6: Add Difficulty

Now that you’ve done a few dips, it might be a little too easy for you to do it while your feet is on the floor. To increase the weight that your triceps are lifting, you can add a footrest that increases the height of your feet.

Similar to the base you’re using to lift yourself, the footrest must be stable and secure as well. Any sturdy box or chair that won’t topple is good.​

To do the exercise, just cross your feet again and lay it on the footrest. Since your entire body is now elevated from the ground, more gravity will work on you. Hence, it increases the difficulty making your dips more effective.​

Step 7: Doing It In Sets

How To Do Dips At Home

Although one bench dip might be easy for you, repetition and uniform exercise are essential to achieving great results for your body. With that said, 10 to 15 reps for two sets is enough to give your workout a boost.

If you’re already experienced, and your body has handled a lot of pain and pressure in workouts, you can take it a little further and do 15-20 reps for three sets. This gives you maximum pain and soreness that would mean stronger and bigger muscles!​

In A Nutshell

Dips are one of the most convenient exercises out there. Since you only need a base and good form, you can perform dips either outside or even at the comforts of your home.

​The only thing you’ll need to do is master its form and do it correctly while also finding a sturdy base to use.

​Just remember, to see results in your body, you must have the discipline to do so. Now that you know that dips are easily done at home, it’s now up to you to keep up the pace and mix it in your routine.

Even if you don’t have much time, don’t worry, there’s always a bench somewhere!

500 crunches a day

Is It Possible To Do 500 Crunches A Day? And Should You Try?

If you want to strengthen your core muscles and have that ab-packed tummy, try crunches. Seeing that many people would like to have nice abs, they would try to do 500 crunches a day. But is it safe? Furthermore, would you lose weight and gain the rocking body you want by simply doing 500 crunches?

Crunches are exercises that look like sit-ups but only different. Likewise, instead of lifting the whole back off the floor, only the upper back is raised while bending two knees. Thus, it involves only the abdominal muscles and leaves out the muscles in the hips out of the exercise. Specifically, the exclusion is called the “crunch” when being done.

​Nonetheless, we have to know if it’s possible to do 500 crunches a day. Not to mention, what will you benefit from it?

Is It Possible To Do 500 Crunches In One Day?

There is no limit to the number of crunches a person can do in one day. But, too much of it can be harmful to the health of an individual. Similarly, doing hundreds of crunches without a healthy diet to accompany the exercise routine is a waste of time. Also, doing as much as 500 crunches a day makes you tired to do any other thing.

So, it’s quite not advisable. Besides, crunches involve a continuous bending of the spine, and for a short while, your back will start to hurt. What is more, bulging discs develop in the spine, and there is the risk of lower back pains as well.​

Why Do Some People Do Crunches?

People do crunches for a whole lot of reasons. All the same, part of these goals is to flatten the stomach and streamline the midsection of their bodies. Notably, crunches help tone the core muscles and strengthen the abs. Equally, this contributes to improving posture and allows for more efficient ways to rotate and lift the body.

But here are ways why we believe people like to do crunches.

  • Help tighten and firming the stomach muscles
  • Build those washboard abs all people love to have
  • Toning muscles for a fit body
  • It helps burn fat, though, not like any other exercise
  • It’s easier to do unlike burpees, pushups, and climbers among many others

If you ask yourself why you do crunches, what’s your answer? Crunches are great and safe, but, don’t overdo it like forcing yourself to do 500 crunches a day.

But Why Should You Limit Your Crunches?

There is the risk of harming yourself when doing excessive crunches. Notably, you’ll be suffering from neck and spinal strain, which is quite common to those who do crunches every day. Also, if you do the exercise poorly, it’ll create tension and restriction to your hips.

Here are our thoughts on doing excessive crunches.

  • It’s dangerous and harmful to your body.
  • It will injure your spine for straining it so hard.
  • Can be a start of bad posture if you’re not doing it properly. Notably, if you put pressure on your neck, you won’t be developing strength on your core.
  • They don’t develop your whole body. Instead, you’ll have better alternative exercises that cater to strengthening your entire body.

Don’t get us wrong – crunches are good. But never attempt to do 500 crunches a day. If you must, because of sports fitness, talk to a doctor first.

What Are The Alternatives To Crunches?

Crunches are an out-of-date exercise that can replace to more efficient and easy workouts. That being said, there are other ways to help build abdominal muscles. In other words, there are several alternatives to try out other than crunches.

The reasons why most people do other alternatives because it offers something better. Like these alternatives, they target not only the core but the glutes and thighs as well.

Crunches target only the stomach and leave out other parts like butt, hamstrings or biceps. A core exercise should not focus on just a part of the body. It should take effect in every area of the body.

​Other alternatives to the 500 crunches a day, include:

Front And Side Planks

The front plank exercise is a great exercise for stabilizing. Namely, engaging in this activity involves constant tension, and the entire core gets itself supported. More importantly, they are totally safe to do too. To execute this exercise, start in a push-up position while bending your elbows and resting on your forearms.

​Afterward, hold up the body in a straight line and pull in the abdomen to create tension. Do this for as long as possible and repeat. The side plank is pretty much the same concept as the front planks. But you have to rest on your sides.

Ab Wheel Rollouts

The ab wheel is a core exercise and a more complicated version of the front planks. While it’s similar to the front planks, the difference is your hands will rest on a small moving object. Try to keep yourself balanced. Push the ab wheel out in front of you while keeping your back straight. The tension will build up in your core.

Leg Raises

It would be better to use a bench for this one. Also, find support while lifting your legs from the edge. Meanwhile, keep your legs straight. If you want to have resistance to your training, place strap-on weights on your feet. Leg raises target the core, butt, thighs and glutes.

Pendulum Or Windshield Wipers

Lift your legs altogether and bring it to the sides while keeping your upper body straight. You can also do a variation of having a half wiper. Just raise your knees at a 90-degree angle and go side to side. Extend your arms for support.

Russian Twists With Barbell Or Standing Russian Twists

A more favored alternative, Russian twists aim for your core and arm strength. Just sit up straight, push your body back a little while holding weights. Now, turn to the sides as you carry the dumbbells. The exercise is known for burning your love handles and further toning your core.

​Which do you prefer? An exercise that only deals with one part of the body, or one workout yet burns targets most of your muscles groups? Because if you say “Yes” to the latter, you better drop the 500 crunches a day training regimen, as it will do you no good.

We’re not saying crunches are bad, you just have to know that it shouldn’t be 500 times in a day!